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Why Write a Non-Fiction Book?

“I WISH I could have the time to write a book!” If you do not already have a book selling on Amazon, you have probably said that exact sentence to yourself or others over the past few months. Kids are home and most schools are planning for virtual classrooms, which means the kids will be home every day throughout the winter. How will you ever find time to write a book?

Most people, especially people who provide profession services of some kind, feel they have enough expertise to write a book. But, only a small percentage act on their desire. Far fewer actually succeed in the long, tedious process of book authoring and publishing.

One of the keys to making your book finally happen is to consider the exact reason(s) you would want to write a book in the first place. Then, evaluate if your reasons outweigh the current situaion you’re in that has prevented you from getting a book done up until now (time, money, willpower, skills).

Erase from your memory what you believe to be the challenges of writing a book and refocus on why writing a book is important and beneficial to you, your business, and even your family. Then, go through this list as a personal growth exercise.

Don’t just read through this list of benefits of writing a book. Use the list by ranking them. Here, I’ll be specific.

  1. Copy and paste this entire list to a blank document.
  2. After each benefit statement, write a number from 1-5, where 1=Most Important and 5=Least Important
  3. Condense all of your 1’s and 2’s into a short list.

What are your top three reasons for writing a book?

Here is a list of 72 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

  1. Help people – Yep, easy one. Had to just get that one out of the way.
  2. Share an important message with the world.
  3. Make money! – Yes, it is possible to make money through book sales and a variety of additional money-generating items and events that start with your book being completed.
  4. Distract your focus away from Covid-19 or political pressures.
  5. Overcome your uneasiness and guilt about making money from your book.
  6. Sell other books you’ve written – Always cross-promote.
  7. Promote your services – No harm in this when you do it properly.
  8. Better turnaround time – Books can now be conceptualized, created and published within 3 weeks!
  9. Kick-off the start of a new business.
  10. Break the plateau of stagnant sales for an existing business.
  11. Get excited for writing your NEXT book – Your first book teaches you how it all works.
  12. Add a credential to your name.
  13. Chronicle a timeline of experiences in hopes that others might benefit.
  14. Improve your writing skill.
  15. Establish your authority on a topic.
  16. Create a method or process and organize it.
  17. Ignite your speaking career.
  18. Keep up with other competitors who have already written books.
  19. Generate leads for your consulting, coaching, or other services business.
  20. Get invitations to speak at events.
  21. Warn others of danger.
  22. Stand out from your competition.
  23. Raise funds for a cause.
  24. Demonstrate proof that a particular procedure or process delivers results.
  25. Contradict other books written on a topic and set the record straight.
  26. Organize a complex string of details into a logical sequence to follow.
  27. Recruit volunteers and staff.
  28. Support a political agenda.
  29. Influence a wide variety of people to act a certain way or do the same thing.
  30. Dispense old ways of doing things by introducing the new.
  31. Reduce learning curve.
  32. Fulfill a life-long dream.
  33. Follow in the footsteps of a relative who has also published a book.
  34. Target a specific audience with a direct message backed-up by research and facts.
  35. Claim to be the first to write a book on a specific topic.
  36. Exercise your brain by having to focus on completing the book.
  37. Get attention by media.
  38. Practice using your creativity.
  39. Overcome your own fear of putting a book out there for all to see and critique.
  40. Institute best practices for an industry you are an expert in.
  41. Persuade readers that your way is the best way.
  42. Learn more about your expertise because you have to teach it.
  43. Teach something in the way you want it to be learned.
  44. Stimulate discussion about an important topic.
  45. Introduce readers to names of people and resources they had not heard of before.
  46. Command respect from others in your professional community.
  47. Unite a confused group of people to support a common cause.
  48. Pilot a new program requiring all participants to follow the same sequence.
  49. Report your findings on a research topic that is too long for a blog post and has higher value than a whitepaper.
  50. Raise your stature in your professional community.
  51. Prepare trainees for certification.
  52. Satiate your love of challenge.
  53. Win more RFPs (Requests for Proposal).
  54. Update a previous book that has become out-of-date.
  55. Because your coach or mentor told you to write a book.
  56. Promote your availability as a speaker or consultant.
  57. Enjoy a simpler process to write and publish than years earlier.
  58. Lift the spirits of readers who don’t have enough money to buy coaching or counseling.
  59. Create buzz and awareness for a cause you care about.
  60. Predict the future.
  61. Display yourself as a cutting-edge thinker in your industry.
  62. Mentor others with your stories and experiences.
  63. Earn respect from other writers.
  64. Goal Accomplishment (speed).
  65. Guide readers through specific steps that are reinforced by details for each step.
  66. Push yourself to new levels of capability.
  67. Raise your confidence that you really can start and finish a book!
  68. Save lives – Yes, believe it is possible.
  69. Broaden your reach to an audience of readers.
  70. Amaze your friends and family that you could actually do it.
  71. Motivate readers that they really can do what you suggest in the book!
  72. Leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren so years after you are gone they will still be able to learn from you and know your area of knowledge and expertise.

Have you attempted to write a book before but stopped because you didn’t know where to start?
Did your fear of rejection get the better of you?
Just cannot figure out how you can possibly find the time to write?

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Don’t Know What to Write About Yet?

If you are not sure what to write about yet, that’s okay! Most people don’t know the knowledge they possess and its value. Read this post on identifying your Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.). Once you determine that, your book topic is as good as gold!