What Is Your Genuine Expert Method?

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Your Genuine Expert Method (we call it a G.E.M. for short) is a series of steps you’ve developed to get something accomplished—like a guitar repair expert develops over a period of years. You may have studied the methods of others for years to accomplish a similar or related desired outcome, and tried every possible angle and possibility imaginable. But, eventually, you crafted a magic sequence that gets the job done right— every time.

You’ve used the same method over and over again with near perfect results for a respectable amount of time. So, you know it works. Maybe you’ve shared the method with clients or have provided the method itself as a specific service.

You know the topic so well that you are considered an expert in working through this method. No one presents this method quite like you do, because it is genuinely yours and yours alone.

When you have a method others can follow, and it will save them time or money (or both), you have a winning Genuine Expert Method to share. And, that G.E.M. could be your pathway to big profits! People are willing to spend money (and a lot of it!!) to learn about your method so that they can try it for themselves.

At Produce My Book, we work with business owners, professional speakers, consultants, and coaches to discover and develop their 5-step G.E.M. It is one of the ingredients we’ve determined as essential to writing a top quality non-fiction book, building a speaking platform, and providing a service as a professional.

Sample Genuine Expert Methods

G.E.M.s are needed in every industry from agriculture to zoology. Here are some examples of G.E.M.s you may have seen in the past:

  • 5 Steps to Losing Weight
  • 5 Steps to Making More Money in the Stock Market
  • 5 Steps to Reviving a Marriage
  • 5 Steps to Getting Rich in Real Estate
  • 5 Steps to Earning Top Google Search Results Positions

Obviously, the list could go on and on.

5 Qualities of a Genuine Expert Method

A high quality G.E.M. contains some important characteristics, including:

  • 5 Steps – A Genuine Expert Method is made up of five core steps. People think in odd numbers. If you were only to offer four steps, peoples’ minds would be anticipating there is a fifth. They feel unresolved without having Step #5. Having seven steps is too much to remember. Three steps seems too general, incomplete or too easy to find by searching Google. 
  • Multiple Sub-Steps for Each Main Step – Any of the steps can contain multiple sub-steps. When you read a book, for example, what do you expect to see? You want simplicity, but details too. Conflicting wants, wouldn’t you say? This desire for keeping it simple but “tell me everything” is a common request. The five steps + multiple sub-steps satisfies this need. 
  • Different Way of Looking at the Same Thing – They say nothing new can be invented. It’s all been done before. Yet, there are literally thousands upon thousands of blues songs that use the same 12-bar progression style. Most of them sound similar, but yet, different at the same time. Your 5-step G.E.M. can be similar to others, but yet be truly and uniquely different. 
  • Easy to Remember – We live in a world of 140 character tweets. Your method must be easy to digest and remember. Too much fluff and not enough stuff will cause your method to get lost in the shuffle. Be succinct. Keep it simple. 
  • Can be Applied to Hard Topics – A “hard topic” in the writing and speaking world is one that can be quantified. You get a result that can be measured if you apply the method properly. Making more money is a hard topic whereas a romance novel is a very soft topic, for example.

Your Top Two Book Writing Challenges Made Easy!

During our no-obligation consultations with prospective book authors, we find the #1 challenge for people is to define what their book topic should be. This simple problem to overcome. In fact, we have a short exercise to help you identify your perfect book topic in less than 60 seconds!

The #2 challenge we find is that many experts really don’t know that they’ve been implementing a 5-step method during their professional years. When we help them identify their 5-step method, they’re simply amazed that it was there under their noses the whole time.

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