Do It Yourself with Our Book Development Course

Eliminate Writer’s Block and Get Your Initial Non-Fiction Book Content DONE — in as Little as a Week—Without Paying Produce My Book Services Rates

In a small poll we took of business owner experts, where we asked them what their most compelling challenge is for preventing them to write a book, 38% suggested developing the book’s content was their most challenging part.

Dear Future Book Producer

Hi! My name is Marty Dickinson. If you provide a service, there is really no big secret to getting more clients. All you have to do is figure out exactly what you do so well to serve your clients, write a book, and start speaking. The clients will come to you!

The first book I wrote, Winning the Internet Dogfight, cost me $5,000 to create and brought in more than $200,000 its first year of publication through book sales, speaking gigs and services provided. Not too many investments in life have the potential of producing that kind of ROI.

You can do the same…and more! All we have to do is figure out, together, the best way for you to get your book done.

The Biggest Challenge of Writing a Book…is Actually Writing the Book

In a room of 125 business owners and topic experts, I asked the question from the stage, “How many of you in this room would like to write a book?”

I was on-stage, so it was a bit tough to just stop my speech and get an exact count. But, I would say about 100 of the 125 raised their hands.

Then, I asked, “How many of you already have a book completed and selling somewhere?”

Only about 15 people raised their hands.

You’ve heard how anyone can publish a non-fiction book on Amazon these days.
You’ve seen the “get your book done fast” ads.
Maybe you even tried to write a book on your own and became more frustrated with every hour.

In any case, a book with your name on it still has not happened yet.

And, if you don’t take real action now, you know you’re going to be one more year older when that book finally does get done…if it EVER gets done.

You're Not Alone!

Just about everyone has a desire sometime in their lives to write a book of some kind. 97% never bring their dream to completion.

It’s not your fault. You’ve been conditioned over many years to believe three myths about developing book content that are simply no longer true!

  • You have to be a good writer.
  • You have to sacrifice time out of your busy day—every day—to write.
  • You have to be patient and plan on writing your book over a grueling period of several months.

These age-old stereotypes are simply no longer true with today’s technology and creative alternatives to producing top quality non-fiction book content.

Contrary to what you might have been led to believe over the years, you are completely capable of producing extremely high quality non-fiction book content! You are smart enough. You can produce content people are willing to pay for. And, there is a process to make it easier for you than ever before.

Over a period of ten or so years, I picked at writing and I becalm so frustrated that I just about gave up. The words just never sounded right to me after I typed them. By the end of my first session with Marty, I knew this method was different and we had so much fun too!

Jack Zoellner, The Magical Manager

Are You Qualified?

What you DO need to possess to create content for a successful non-fiction book are these essentials:

  • A topic you know so well that you could talk about it for the next six hours straight.
  • A strong enough reason to complete the book so that your efforts, resources allocation and persistence produce a solid return on your investment.
  • A proven method to create top quality book content within a short period of time (so you stay interested and engaged) without having to work extra hours or alter your lifestyle.

What if I Could Show You a Way that Did All of This?

  • No interference with regular work schedule.
  • No more writer’s block.
  • No research required.
  • No need to hire a writing coach.
  • No need to pay a ghost writer.
  • YES! Content will be better quality than if you were to write by hand.
  • YES! Get your initial book content done in as little as one week.
  • YES! Learn at your own pace.

What was particularly helpful for me was the way Marty and I worked together to discover a method I didn’t know I was even using with my therapy clients. From there, we coined F.R.E.E.D. and now I’m becoming known for that method because of the book.

Susie Hayes, FREED from Stuck!

The Ultimate Book Producer Course Unveiled

Unlike the many book service brokers online today that attempt to acquire large quantities of author clients and then farm out the production pieces to dozens of freelancers, our small team of four work on only a few book projects at a time.

Our concept-to-customer book development services are the perfect fit for someone with no connections to book coaches, editors, book cover designers, and sales copywriters.

The Ultimate Book Producer Course is a low-cost alternative that replaces your need to hire us. Instead, we provide a series of instructional videos and documents—with support—designed to teach the general public our proprietary method for producing non-fiction books.

What’s more: We offer the only instructional writing course (that we know of) where an entire book is developed as part of the recorded sessions! You get to see our method in action step-by-step as we describe what we’re doing along the way.

Our goal is for you to feel as if you’ve already used our process to create a book by the time you begin working to produce your book content because you’ve practically sat in the same room with us as while we’ve produced a book’s content from start to finish.

Is this Course for You?

The Ultimate Book Producer Course was designed for people who love to get things done on their own. Specifically, this course is designed for two main groups:

  1. Experts (business owners, professional speakers, consultants) to write non-fiction books but do not have the time to write, hate writing, or are not skilled at writing.
  2. Service providers (website designers, social media administrators, virtual assistants) wanting to develop a new skill to assist their expert clients toward getting a non-fiction book written, completed, and launched.

If you’re the kind of person who…

  • Performs a proven method for customers every day with consistent results…
  • Wants to be considered a true expert in your field…
  • Would enjoy increasing your billable rate…
  • Hears frequently from clients, “You should write a book!…”
  • Has no time in the day to add something new…
  • Gets no enjoyment from writing…
  • Hates the thought of getting up at 4:00 a.m. to write…
  • Suffers from writer’s block…
  • Is already contracted with a publisher with manuscript submission deadline fast approaching…
  • Has already paid an indie or vanity publisher thousands of dollars and they refuse to refund your money even though you’ve told them you are NEVER going to get the content done…
  • Has a physical limitation for generating content through traditional writing…
  • Knows your leads and sales for your business would increase if you could only get your book done…

…then, the Ultimate Book Producer Course was designed for YOU!

On the other hand, this course is probably not for you, if you have...

  • Written one or more published books and believe the traditional method of writing and typing is the only way to produce top quality content.
  • Engaged with a book coach…because they will always want you to write their way, which is probably not using our method if they have not been introduced to it yet.
  • Established in your mind that book writing is a trophy to be won only by the elite who are able to endure the merciless challenges of traditional writing, persistence and endurance.
  • Tried Do-it-Yourself courses before and you just want to hire someone to get it done.
  • Enough funding to invest in a qualified service provider to lead the entire book producing project for you.

The Ultimate Book Producer Course is the ONLY One of its Kind

Most book writing courses exist to help you become a better writer. Our Ultimate Book Producer Course was designed to enable you to produce a higher quality book that sells, gets read by its reader, and brings new business your way.

Specifically, we have combined several components included in the course to enable you to accomplish five specific tasks:

  • Gain confidence in your topic so that you know it will be a book people will want to buy.
  • Plan for the appropriate book type, length, and format so that readers actually read the entire book.
  • Formalize your Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.) for which you will become the ultimate authority for.
  • Develop your initial book content in as little as week…without typing.
  • Inspire your readers to connect with you and your business.

This is accomplished by condensing the complexities of book writing and producing into four main steps we call the D.O.N.E. Method. When you login to the password-protected course area, you will see all of our videos and resources divided into these four categories.

The first two, the D and the O, involve the initial development of the content.

D stands for Develop. This video-based section instructs the Source and Guide how to work together to develop the framework for the book. Even if you were to never finish the book, what you assemble in this section could be responsible for substantial growth in your business.

O stands for Obtain. In The Ultimate Book Producer Course, content is not “written” in the traditional sense with freehand writing or typing. Instead, the initial book content is verbally Obtained. Like all forms of communication, we have tested and formalized literally hundreds of micro techniques to assist the Guide in extracting the best content from the Source’s brain. The result is a proven sequence of steps allowing the Obtain Content Sessions to be focused, fast, and fun!

Everything else, the N and the E, are free bonuses to the primary course to help you finish out the book.

What are the Alternatives to Purchasing this Course?

There are many ways to produce content for a non-fiction book. And, there are literally hundreds of experts teaching their latest and greatest “Best Seller” formula, but falling way short of providing you with a proven method for getting your content generated in a short period of time.

When push comes to shove, there are really only a few ways to get your book done this year, other than traditional writing and typing, if you choose not to give The Ultimate Book Producer Course a try.

You could:

  • Speak into your phone and transcribe the text. Without someone to serve as your Guide to help obtain the content, your instruction will be incomplete. The result: Poor reviews.
  • Record your speeches and have them transcribed. But, good speeches entertain a lot and educate a little. A good non-fiction book educates a ton and entertains a little. The result: Lots of rewriting to make the content complete.
  • Copy and paste your blog posts. Blog posts are typically not in-depth enough for instruction in a book. Plus, you will wind up editing them so much to transition to the next page and topic that you might as well write the content from scratch. The result: Unhappy readers.
  • Pay a ghost writer. The result: No money left for vacation this summer!
  • Find a friend or service provider to interview you. The result: A product you won’t be proud of because your Guide is not trained by The Ultimate Book Producer Course.

The Better Way

If you will be the Source of the expert content: Use our criteria to find and recruit someone you already know, like and trust to become your Guide. Once your payment registration is received for the course, we will provide FREE access to the entire course to your chosen Guide so that person can learn our method and assist you throughout the entire book content development process!

If you will be the Guide for developing book content for a client, friend or relative, register first and then let us know the name of your expert Source. We will provide free access to that person for the duration of the project.

Marty was the Guide for my first book, Health and Wellness Journey. I learned so much from him that I produced my 2nd book on my own, You Have the Power of Kindness, featuring 10 author contributors. Neither would have happened without Marty’s D.O.N.E. Method.

Dana Morgan-Barnes,

Why You Shouldn't Try to Shortcut This

Now that you know there is a new way to produce non-fiction book content using a Source and Guide, we strongly urge you not to try to produce book content using this method without first learning the process as instructed in The Ultimate Book Producer Course.

Friends have been interviewing friends for book content for many years. The concept is not new. But, too many good intentions turn into social events and the book never gets done. Or, the content is generated and compiled in an unprofessional manner due to lack of experience. The result of a book of such poor quality could actually harm your business rather than help it.

The actual steps and sub-steps provided in this course we have tried, failed, failed miserably in some cases, adjusted, reworked, improved, and even perfected over the past three years and 20 books. The result is an assembly of a proven sequence that will have you registering this morning and beginning work on your book in the afternoon of the same day if you want!

Would you rather save a couple of bucks to take a chance that your book may wind up getting finalized with inferior content, and that’s only if it ever gets done?

Imagine Your Book Getting D.O.N.E. the Right Way...Faster!

Whether you feel your writing skills are lacking or you’re worried about making all that effort to write a book that no one will want to buy, we challenge you today to turn your back on every bad experience you’ve had with writing in the past and embrace this new method that’s already changing the writing industry.

The choice is yours…and the world is waiting eagerly to read your message.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

The course is a series of instructional videos supported by a workbook style set of documents we call Quick Lists. The Quick Lists help the Guide to prep for and lead the Obtain content sesssions in an organized and professional manner.

The videos where I’m wearing the “Coach Marty” shirt are overview videos for each section of the course.

Instructional videos are designed specifically for the Source to watch and about 2/3 of the videos provide detailed instructions for the Guide. We used a combination of Powerpoint and Keynote where we felt it was important to dress up the details with some imagery.

All of the actual recordings of the Obtain Book Content Sessions are available for your viewing in the Extras section of the course. But, for efficient learning, we used snippets and 3- to 5-minute video segments throughout the instructional videos to demonstrate main points.

In this screenshot, I’m just starting to question my expert Source, Sue, about her new method of weight loss where she has lost 50 lbs over the past eight months. So, we are using a real topic to create real non-fiction book content in this course. All you have to do is learn from watching our example. Simple!

Why These Videos and Quick Lists Alone are Worth $2,500 in Value or MORE!

Of course we will not be charging $2,500 for access to this course. So, don’t worry. Maybe someday I will charge that amount! Just not today.

What is important for you to understand as you consider getting access to this course, is that assigning a $2,500 value to the contents is not only realistic, but underestimated.

Value Proof #1: If you were to hire me outright to teach you one-on-one all of the steps, sub-steps, and tiny details of this course, live and in-person and sitting next to you in your office, you and I would have to be together for a few days to cover it all. A $2,500 payment would only get you 1/3 of the way.

Value Proof #2: Even if I was to teach you everything I know about developing top quality book content over a series of days, you wouldn’t be able to retain all of the details—even if you were to take pages of notes. You would need me, again, to go through at least some of the steps with you a second or maybe even a third time.

With The Ultimate Book Producer Course, you can watch the recordings of the training over and over again. You might even find yourself watching some of the “Session Prep” segments, as we call them, 20 minutes before your Obtain Book Content Sessions begin.

Bonuses Bundle and COUPON!

Watch this segment of a recorded webinar to hear my description of bonuses and why they are worth a combined more than $5,000 in value.

And, be sure to watch all 12 minutes so you know the special coupon to use worth $500 off for this round of 20 enrollments only!

Superior Support!

The only way support can be provided is if the people providing the support are excited to help. Unlike most training programs I’ve seen lately, where they outsource their support to 3rd parties or understudies, I provide all support myself. If you send an email, it will be me responding. If we wind up talking on the phone, it will be me on the other end. When your manuscript is reviewed, I will be the one reading it and supplying you with suggestions. Supporting my clients is what I’ve always enjoyed the most over the past 22 years.

What to Do Next

There comes a time in every course offer where the student needs to make a choice to go forward with the suggested solution, to look for something else, or to procrastinate and not do anything.

For the sake of the world needing to hear your message, and the financial opportunity you would be leaving behind if another year goes by without getting your book done, I humbly BEG of you not to do nothing! If this course does not provide you with what you would need to get your content moving, that’s fine. Find another method that will work for you and get going producing your book content! Just please do not choose to do nothing.

On the cover of my first book was an image of a dog. That dog became my mascot and I call him “Action.”

Every speaker in the world stands up on stage and says, “Take Action, Take Action!”

I finally put a name to a face and tell my audiences, “Next time you find yourself procrastinating, remember this face. Remember it’s up to YOU to Take Action!”

People call me sometimes months later and say, “I don’t remember what you do, but you’re the guy with the dog right?”

As humorous as that sounds, I bring it up for an important reason…

Take Action Now!

Action is only good if you take the right action at the correct time in your business and life. If this is not the best time for you in your business and life to get a book done, then by all means do NOT register for this course. Come back in a year or so and reconsider when the time is better for you.

You ARE ready for The Ultimate Book Producer Course if you:

  • Feel more excited about starting your book content than when you arrived on this page!
  • Realize the traditional way of writing and typing will never be the way for you to get a book done this year…maybe ever!
  • Support my claim as true that your initial book content could be done in as little as a week if you need it to be!
  • Can imagine words coming out of your mouth to be of even higher quality than what you could write on your own if the right person, a trained and qualified Guide, helped to Obtain that expert content from you.
  • View the course fee as investment in yourself and your business that will easily pay for itself multiple times over.

Still Enrolling Today but Space is Strictly Limited

If you come back tomorrow, next week/month/year, I cannot guarantee the course will remain open for enrollment at the exact time you will want to enter it. Registration is open for brief periods of time so that I can support 20 students working on their book projects at a time. As of TODAY, the course is still open for enrollment. When the 20th student registers, this page is removed from the website for usually a month or two.

There is book inside you just waiting to be read by the world! Take Action now and become an Ultimate Book Producer!