Author Dar Geiger with her new book, Reignite Your Joy

Reignite Your Joy Book Launched February 2021

Author Dar Geiger came to us in August 2020 wanting us to produce a book with her to outline her many life challenges and stories. We knew by the end of the first content development session that this book was going to be special. The initial content was generated between August 24 and September 12, with a few days off for Labor Day.

Here is an email we received from Dar around that time:

“I am amazed at how the process of one week’s worth of sessions have brought so much memory back to me, both good and bad, and that it really feels okay. One of the major things that I have been enjoying is being able to express myself and my emotions through reviewing my life. It’s not staged, or corrected or interrupted with any kind of criticism. I think having the ability to be spontaneous and just talk out my life brings out the truth. There is so much freedom. Feeling thankful for how God led me to you. God bless y’all and the future of your business.” —Dar Geiger

We interviewed Dar about her book on launch day and we would like to share that interview with you here.

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