Done With You Book Development Services

Book Development and Publishing Services by Produce My Book

Produce My Book provides a full suite of work-with-you book development services from concept to customer. YOU keep ownership of the content. YOU retain full publishing rights to the completed book. YOU even own the ISBN.

Best of all, you never have to type a word and your initial content is generated usually within two weeks.

More than 30 individual sub-steps are provided by our team of six for any particular book project. Those 30 sub-steps are divided into a digestible 4-part sequence we call the D.O.N.E. Method.

  • Develop the premise.
  • Obtain the book content.
  • Noodle the content into a readable format.
  • Elevate the content into a completed book form.

Read on to discover how our revolutionary book development method can get your book done with better content…faster.

Book Development Overview of Phases

Develop the Premise and Outline

Session 1 involves the development of the premise and an outline for your book. A two-hour Zoom meeting is scheduled where, together, you work with ProduceMyBook staff to accomplish the following:

  • Solidify the topic.
  • Gain confidence that the book topic is what readers are willing to buy.
  • Identify your Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.) that will teach readers how to accomplish the topic.
  • Choose your book type based on the best fit for your topic.
  • Create the book outline.

Obtain the Content

We have developed a proprietary formula for interviewing you over Zoom to verbally obtain your book content. You are the Expert Source of the information. We serve as the Guide to obtain the content. Four to six sessions of obtaining book content are conducted per book project in two-hour increments over non-consecutive days. All sessions are recorded, transcribed, and “noodled” for readability before professional editing. Rates are based on length of content.

Sessions include:

  • Session 2: Obtain content for Section 1.
  • Session 3: Obtain content for Section 2 and 3.
  • Session 4: Obtain content for Section 4 and part of 5.
  • Session 5: Obtain content for rest of Section 5 + Conclusion and Introduction.

Any number of individual chapters can be included for each section.

Noodle the Content

Noodling is not editing. Noodling is a mix of content organizing and sales copywriting. We will transcribe your recordings into text form and massage the content for smooth reading.

  • Transcribe the audio recordings to text form. Note: Dragon and other audio to text software does not work for this type of book development method, so we transcribe all sessions by hand.
  • Remove awkward words, phrases and sentences from text and replace with fitting words and phrases.
  • Format paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Assign chapter and sub-chapter tiles.
  • Bridge paragraphs, topics, and chapters with smooth transitions that keep the reader reading.
  • Work with client to fill content gaps and assure completeness.

Elevate the Content

Every book needs editing, a title, a book cover and a book launch. Multiple sub-steps occur within those three components. Our team provides all of that and even a few secret sauce book development and marketing services we would rather not reveal publicly.

Here are the main components of the Elevate phase:

  • Edit the content.
  • Select the book title.
  • Develop back cover copy.
  • Recruit a Foreword contributor.
  • Design the book cover.
  • Set launch date.
  • Code the content for Kindle (ebook and soft cover).
  • Select Amazon categories and keywords.
  • Write Amazon book page description.
  • Write Amazon author page.
  • Build book launch team.
  • Execute book launch.

Prepaid Package Pricing (for Best Rate) and a Guarantee

Our package pricing is based on a core content length of 30,000 words. This is the size of book that takes a reader about 4-6 hours to get through and has become the preferred word length by readers. Of course, books can go over 30,000 words. We just have to pay our Content Obtainers, Noodlers and Editors more per 1,000 words. So, we have to charge more beyond the package rate in those cases.

The key is for you to not focus on prices right now or book length. Instead focus on the message you have to offer. Just how important to you is getting your message out to the world? Can you afford to go another year or two or three without compiling your expertise into a book form? Get started now by answering the few questions below and submitting the form. Let’s get the discussion going and get your book D.O.N.E.

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