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We have three employment opportunities with Produce My Book under the umbrella of the Here Next Year company. They include:

Opportunity #1: Content Noodler

Content Noodlers receive recordings from the Guide, convert the recordings to text and then massage the content into a readable form. Noodlers are not editors, but content arrangers. There are three ways you can begin working with us as a Produce My Book Noodler. They include:

  • Self-Generated – Bring a new book project to us (friend, relative, colleague, client) and we will serve as your consultant as you noodle the book content. Our Guides will obtain the initial content for you to noodle and prepare for the editing stage.
  • Self-Authored – Is it time for YOU to write a book? Be the noodle for your own book. We’ll help you every step of the way.
  • PBM Generated – We are constantly receiving leads for new book development projects. Let’s get you trained so that we can bring you into the project as the noodler.

Opportunity #2: Content Obtainer Guide

Content Obtainer Guides (COGs) are the most important cog in the wheel at Produce My Book. The COG speaks directly with the author to obtain the content. coaches, copywriters and and editors who enjoy looking at the big picture of book development are the best candidates for becoming COGs. We are currently developing a certification course as a means of training new COGs. The first round of the course will be available after Christmas, 2020.

Opportunity #3: Sales

Every business owner is a self-proclaimed expert in their field. Every expert should showcase his or her expertise in the form of published non-fiction book. Starting today, you could earn referral rewards by approaching your contacts and connections, and inspiring them to develop a non-fiction book. Direct them to us and get referral rewards for sending business our way.

Next Steps: Submit This Form

If you are interested in becoming a Content Noodler, Content Guide or Sales Rep, please complete the form below for consideration. We reply to all submissions, usually within a few hours, but certainly within the next 24 hours.