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Let us tap-in to your higher self and help produce your best book content. Our collaborative writing approach has worked exceptionally well for a variety of non-fiction book topics in a wide range of industries. All of these books can be found on Amazon and free for downloading with your Amazon Prime subscription. Each is available for sale in soft cover too. Read through a few and see the difference in quality a certified Guide and expert Source working together can make!

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Professional speakers, industry experts, consultants, coaches, and traditional business owners use our method to create top quality non-fiction book content, usually within a week, without typing a word of the manuscript.

  • Eliminate writer’s block.
  • Save money by not having to hire a writing coach.
  • Save a lot more money by not having to find and pay a ghost writer or vanity publisher.
  • Produce better quality content than you could write on your own.
  • Launch faster than traditional book publishing allows.

If you hate writing, lack writing skills, or another year has passed and your non-fiction book idea is still just an idea, here is your chance to get your book content done in a way that’s fun and fast!

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Work with our certified experts to get your book D.O.N.E. using our four-step publishing method.

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