Produce My Book is the
Next Evolution of Non-Fiction Book Content Development

  • Develop your initial non-fiction book content in as little as one week.
  • Eliminate writer's block.
  • Reduce frustration by not having to type your manuscript.
  • Save money by not having to hire a writing coach.
  • Save a LOT MORE money by not having to find and pay a ghost writer!
  • Increase content quality beyond what you could write on your own or record using Dragon or other recording devices or apps.
  • Launch faster than traditional book publishing turnaround times.

If you hate writing, lack writing skills, or just do not have the time, here is your chance to get your non-fiction book done in a way that's fun and fast!

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Showcase Your Expertise in a Non-Fiction Book

Produce My Book works with professional speakers, consultants, coaches, and traditional business owners to produce their quality book(s) from concept to customer usually within eight weeks! Best of all, the author never types a word to produce the manuscript. If you are in conversation with someone and they say, "I know my leads and sales would improve if I could only get a book written," have that person contact us immediately at We pay referral rewards!

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