Produce My Book Provides You with
Many Benefits Beyond Traditional Book Publishing

  • Stop wasting time shopping your book idea to traditional publishers.
  • Create content faster, usually within five days, using our proprietary Talkwriting method.
  • Launch faster, in as little as 8 weeks if your timeline requires it.
  • Eliminate writer's block and enjoy producing content again!
  • Reduce frustration by not having to type your manuscript.
  • Save money by not having to hire a writing coach.
  • Save a LOT MORE money by not having to find and pay a ghost writer!
  • Reduce rewriting by not making first-timer mistakes.
  • Increase content quality by producing more complete content than you would generate on your own.
  • Get ebook AND printed books without having to pay up-front printing costs.
  • Retain ownership of the manuscript.
  • Enjoy the process because you are working closely, one-on-one, with Produce My Book staff from beginning to launch.

If you would not normally take the time to write a book, or have tried for years, here is your chance to share your expert method with the world!

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Showcase Your Expertise in a Non-Fiction Book

Produce My Book works with professional speakers, consultants, coaches, and traditional business owners to produce their quality book(s) from concept to customer usually within eight weeks! Best of all, the author never types a word to produce the manuscript. If you are in conversation with someone and they say, "I know my leads and sales would improve if I could only get a book written," have that person contact us immediately at We pay referral rewards!

Stop Wasting Time Trying to Write Your Own Book

Frustrated author writing a book and taking too long to finish it.

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