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What is Your Genuine Expert Method?

Your Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.) is a series of steps you've developed to get something accomplished—like a guitar repair expert develops over a period of years. You may have studied the methods of others for years to accomplish a similar or related desired outcome, and tried every possible angle and possibility imaginable. But, eventually, you…

Do You Know Joe Sabah?

So, you don't get confused by the headline, my name is Marty Dickinson. I run R50 Books and am the guy on the stage asking the audience to raise their hands if they know Joe Sabah. About 70% of the room was familiar with the name. This past weekend I was honored to speak at…

65 Reasons Why You Should
Write a Book

Write a Book: 65 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Your First Book Now or Finish the One You Started! "Why should I write a book? I don't have time for that!" If you are like 50-80% of modern-day adults, you have probably asked yourself this question at least once in your life. Only a…