What Is A Quality Book Today?

A quality book begins with a blank page just like bad books. High quality books require good grammar, good editing, unique and valuable content, good page layout and a snazzy book cover just like the best sellers of decades ago. Yet, there are a few differences in quality books of today versus what we might think a good book was ten or even five years ago. With those differences in mind, we would like to define for you what we feel is a good quality book in 2019.

Quality Produce My Book Guidelines

  1. Vet the Experts – The problem with writing books these days is that anyone can write one…and have it published online in a day or two. If the writer is not a true expert, he or she can simply research any topic and come up with content to create yet another low-quality, general advice book. Although a popular way to go, no one benefits from this process. The reader wastes time and money. The author receives bad reviews. Kindle gets an even worse reputation for low quality books as a result of these shortcut, quick money schemes. At ProduceMyBook, web believe true experts work their work. True experts have worked in their industry for so long that they’ve experienced every possible scenario dozens of times! They’ve learned by trial and error that there are sub-steps and minute details of every sub-step within every main step in their process. These tiny details are what we strive to extract from our authors when producing their books.

  2. Don’t Wait…Obtain! – Most publishers wait for their authors to submit their written manuscript. If a wanna-be author simply despises writing, the publishing house will suggest hiring a ghost writer. In either case, valuable content will be left out of the finished book! A ghost writer often does not have the expertise in the industry to write a book that’s detailed enough to be of high value. The wanna-be author is not experienced enough with book writing. So, incomplete instructions are given to the ghost writer for writing the book! At ProduceMyBook, we don’t wait for an author to write a book or hire a ghost writer. We extract the information from the author ourselves. Some might consider this method of extraction to be called an interview. But, our extraction sessions are MUCH more than simple interviewing. We’ve developed a method that allows us to extract, on average, 30,000 words in 6-8 hours.Then, we compile all of the extracted information and write and format the book using the author’s supplied content. Do you see the difference between our method and ghost writing? Our authors hire us to get the important content out of their brains and onto paper. We just massage the content they provide us so that it can be placed into book format.

  3. INsource – Watch any webinar on book publishing and you’ll eventually hear the word “outsource.” We never outsource our writing. As mentioned above, we extract the content directly from our author experts and simply tidy-up the words to create the book’s pages. Since we are in America, and English is our first language, we are able to produce this content much faster and more accurately than any India, Philippines, China, Mexico or any other cheap alternative.

  4. Detail it! – Because we are extracting content from our authors, and not waiting for them to craft the content, we’re able to dig much deeper into their method than they would on their own. As a book publisher, we read a LOT of books! If we’re lucky, 1 out of 10 has any real value. What sets a book apart is the detail inside it.Now, you hear a lot of talk about eBooks. Webinar guests and conference keynoters alike will tell you how everyone wants short books these days. “10,000 words is too much,” they say. Well, they’re right in one aspect. 10,000 words of a boring and non-informative book is definitely too long!We at ProduceMyBook tend to produce eBooks that are between 15,000 and 22,000 words in length. Why so long? The answer is because of the details. If we’re going to go through the process with an author of vetting him or her, extracting, and INsourcing, we are going to make darn sure we have uncovered every step, sub-step and micro-step in their process.Anything less, and we would be producing incomplete eBooks like most of the authors trying to write their books on their own.

  5. Action Path – Not too many things are more aggravating than learning something new and having to delay its implementation. How many seminars have you been to where the speaker provides you with information of high value, but never provides you with tools or resources he or she uses to actually do what was presented? We’ve known speakers to call this “giving away the farm.” They’re willing to teach you just enough so that you get all excited but fail to finish the job by sharing the tools they use because that’s some sort of insider secret (to them).The final objective we came up with for writing books using the ProduceMyBook method is to create what we talk about in our meetings as the “git-r-dun” (stands for Get it Done for non-rednecks) bonus for each book. Our goal is to provide every reader with the opportunity to DO what they’ve learned using our LIFETIME free bonus area.That’s right. You read that correctly. Buy any ProduceMyBook once and you will have LIFETIME access to the git-r-dun bonus area for that book at no additional charge.
    ProduceMyBook is the New Evolution of Good Book Quality Publishing.

    To summarize this post, we would like to invite you to try a ProduceMyBook finished product. We believe that our proprietary method of extracting content from true experts is the coming wave of good quality book writing.