Essential Components Of A Book Producer Contract

A book producer contract is different than any written agreement offered by traditional book publishing houses, vanity publishers or indie publishers.

How is a Book Producer Different?

First of all, a book producer does not publish books. A book producer produces books. A typical book producer works much like a movie producer by:

  1. Consulting on the direction of the project.
  2. Pulling together the right team members to get the job done for that specific book project.
  3. Establishing a timeline from idea to launch and beyond.
  4. Overseeing the content generation and marketing components of the book itself (competing books, sales copy, cover design, titles, keyword analysis).
  5. Assisting in ways to generate funding for the project.

The people used for one book project may be different from the next when a book producer is engaged. A book producer may use a vanity publisher, indie publisher, traditional publishing house or his own paid staff or contractors to complete a book as part of the book producing package.

How is Produce My Book Different than Other Book Producers?

At, we go one step beyond typical book producers (and certainly far beyond vanity and indie publishers) by creating authors’ manuscripts instead of waiting for them to type them.

Our involvement assures the book gets done.

With our no-typing method, and proprietary deep-dive content extraction process, the book’s content is developed in the precise words the author intends. This modern-day content generation method usually requires only three or four 2-hour sessions with the author. The rest of the 6-week book producing period is devoted to our professional team handling editing, title creation, keyword research, category research, book cover design, and building a launch team for a strong Amazon book launch.

The Book Producer Contract/Agreement

The fact that we generate the initial content from author client and then create the manuscript ourselves, along with the rest of the book, and implement the roll-out, one can imagine a contract can get pretty extensive.

Fortunately, the opposite is true! You will NOT need to spend thousands of dollars having your attorney go through our book producing contract with a fine tooth comb. Our simple two page agreement outlines the following:

What You Get from the Contract:

  1. A thorough description of the exact services we will provide and in what order they will occur.
  2. A description of how payment is due and earned.
  3. A description of what you will need to provide and how your input effects the launch timeline.
  4. Assurance that we retain no ownership rights in your completed book, manuscript, Amazon account, sales copy, or cover design.

What We Get from the Contract:

  1. Assurance from you that the content and expert knowledge is truly your own.
  2. Confidence that you will open the necessary KDP and CreateSpace accounts to sell your book on the Amazon platform under your name and abide by the timeline we assemble for your book project.
  3. Authorization from you to offer your book for sale on our website for the normal Amazon commission offered to any Amazon affiliate (which does not affect the amount earned by you from Amazon sales). Our normal day-to-day promotion over time helps to sell more of your books!
  4. Acknowledgement from you that we have completed the tasks we outlined in the agreement and that they were performed to your expectation.

Why Have a Contract at All?

Book publishing can be a shady business. We’ve experience first-hand where publishing companies have assembled their contracts with what seems to be their sole objective to retain as many ownership rights as possible.

We believe all authors should have full ownership rights to their books.

We have also witnessed as 3rd party observers how book coaches and other book production assistants have used general contracts that avoid informing the client what to expect during the course of the project. There are many more pieces and parts (and sub-pieces and parts) of the process that no one would ever know until they produce four or five books, let alone just the first book.

We believe you MUST learn enough about the book production process so that you can assist us in producing the best quality book possible.

Always Ask for a Book Contract

Be sure to ask for a contract before engaging with any book producer or publisher!

Produce My Book started in 2016 as an off-shoot of our primary web services provider business operating for the past 20 years as Here Next Year, LLC. We started this division of the business because of our own challenges working with established publishers and their less-than-stellar book production methods.

Our contract was designed to be streamlined into a checklist of tasks to help our author clients be fully aware in advance the many pieces and parts required for a quality book to be produced. The checklist keeps us aware of where we are in the project and assures us that we’ve covered every step and every detail.

Many people require services contracts so they have something in writing to fall back on in case there is a dispute. We think of contracts as more of an agreement between client and services provider that we will ALL work together to get your message to the world by getting your book done and launched in as little as six weeks!

And, you will not need to type a single word of your manuscript.

We require a signed contract for every book project before any money transaction is made.

What to Do Next

The first step with any book project is for you to complete an application for consideration. We only work with non-fiction books.