Writer’s Block Sucks but This is Worse

Writer's block is one of the unfortunate experiences in the writing process for new and established authors. But, writer's block is only one of many possibilities that will halt you in your tracks from getting your book done, if you let it.

In fact, there is one underlying writing challenge all authors must overcome that is even more powerful of an inhibitor than writer's block.

For example, you know your leads and sales would improve for your business if you could only get that non-fiction book done.

There's just one problem. I call it the bottleneck.

Many people think about writing or finishing their life's work (that first book) at the beginning of summer.

Visions of sitting on a sandy beach with the sound of gentle waves in the background give us the prolonged delusion that we might actually put in the time it takes to actually "write" a book.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if you didn't write your book last summer, you're probably not going to get it done this summer either, whether you're experiencing writer's block or not.

In fact, if you haven't even started writing, there is little to no chance you will have your book on Amazon and selling by even September.

Triple that if you plan to use a traditional publisher.

This realization paralyzes would-be authors from ever completing a book within their lifetime. The sheer length of time it takes for books to be written, completed, edited, produced, launched and promoted is such a daunting time suck to most people, that the desire fades before the writer's block is relieved.

The bottleneck in writing a book....is the writing itself

If you hate writing, or just loathe the idea of getting up another hour earlier to write 500
words a day like all the writing coaches tell you to do, then I'd like to introduce you
to the next evolution of producing a book.

Don't let another summer go by without your non-fiction book on Amazon.

I've made 11 short videos, in sequence, for you to become introduced to my personal
approach to producing a book in 6 weeks or less where the author never types a
single word of the manuscript.

In fact, I will tell you how to get all of your content produced within just 3 or 4 days, in only two or three hour increments!

This is a completely new way to produce books that will change the way books are created.

Go There Now to Watch the Introductory Video >>

P.S. If you register to watch the rest of the videos, you will also get instructions for how immediate access to my latest mini-manual called The Method in You. Listen for it in the video.

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