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How Teenagers Make Great Part-Time Money as a Youth Baseball Umpire

How To Make Great Part-Time Money As a Teenage Baseball Umpire was our first book using the Produce My Book method. The book launched on Amazon in July, 2016.

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Re: How To Succeed With Youth Baseball Umpiring

Dear Teenagers (and Parents of Teenagers),

If you want to make more money in two days than your friends make all week, work when you want and have weekends off whenever you want, and even get working in less than a week!… then this is the most important book you’ll read all year!

In this amazing new book from Youth Baseball Umpire, Rich Dossan, he will cover all the steps you need to get started and make good money as a part-time teenage baseball umpire.

As a special bonus, he also reveal 5 steps to keeping coaches calm and non-hostile during a game!

Get all of Your Baseball Umpiring Job Questions Answered

Are baseball game organizers always hiring new umpires?
How can I apply for an umpire job?
Is umpire pay better than minimum wage?
Can you really take weekends off whenever you want?
Will I never have to sit behind a computer or in an office for this job?
Can you be a baseball umpire if you were not a good baseball player?
What equipment do you really need to get started as an umpire and how cheap can you buy that equipment realistically?
Is training provided for beginner umpires?
How do I start a baseball game as the umpire?
How can I look experienced even though I’ve never umpired a game before?
How can I handle hostile coaches (and parents of players) that dispute my calls?
Will I need to work with other umpires during games?
What common mistakes do young umpires make?
Should I converse with baseball players while the game is in progress?
How do I keep control of the game amidst chaos?
How will gaining a good reputation get me more work?
How can I advance to competitive and tournament baseball umpiring where the payments get larger?
… and much, MUCH More!

Now that’s a tall promise and at this point you may be wondering…

Who Is Rich Dossan And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Rich Dossan is an 22-year-old youth baseball umpire. He developed the first edition of this book when he was just 19. His accomplishments include:

  • Played starter positions in AA and AAA youth baseball tournaments.
  • Pitched fist shutout at age 12 in AA state tournament.
  • Played 3rd base and pitcher in high school.
  • Started umpiring at age 15 for city youth baseball league in his spare time.
  • Advanced quickly to umpiring baseball tournaments for bigger pay and higher quality games.

Some other things you might like to know about Rich include that he:

  • Believes youth baseball umpiring is the best summer or part-time job for teenagers
  • Umpired 6 baseball games in a single day (Nearly 16 hours!)
  • Mentors beginning umpires sometimes twice his age.
  • Pays his way through college
  • Ignores parents completely during games
So as you can see, Rich Dossan is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about youth baseball umpiring!

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