Lions Always Win book with author Marty Dickinson

Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it too by Marty Dickinson

You probably don’t know what you really want. Only 2% of people do. How can this statistic be claimed? The author of Lions Always Win, Marty Dickinson, asked the question, “What do you want?” every time he came into contact with someone he didn’t know for a period of six years. Over 600 were questioned. Only 2% were able to give a detailed response.

What Problem is Solved by the Book, Lions Always Win?

Lions Always Win was launched on Amazon on February 27, 2020, to give readers a sequenced method for:

  1. Determining their true wants in more than 30 areas of their lives.
  2. Attaining those wants in a prioritized order.

Author’s Challenge

The biggest challenge for the author of Lions Always Win was for him to get out of the way and let his team do what they do best. That’s coming directly from me, Marty Dickinson, President of Here Next Year, LLC, the company behind and Snowy Ridge Books, our official publisher name. We are all too close to our own projects. When things finally do get accomplished is when we allow them to progress while in the hands of the experts.

Behind the Scenes of Lions Always Win

“WIN,” as we’ve come to call it around here, was originally written nearly three years ago. “My team finalized the content, constructed the cover, and then we let it sit dormant in our archives unreleased,” Marty revealed. “I just knew there was something missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I couldn’t bring myself to release a book that was not complete,” he said.

In October, 2019, Marty was lying in bed at 3 a.m. and the missing piece finally came to him. “I launched out of bed and raced to my computer to write it up before it escaped my mind,” he said. What made the book complete was, literally, under his nose the entire time. “What was originally left out doesn’t matter. What is important is that the book now is very much complete,” he said.

Some of Our Favorite Lines in Lions Always Win

Providing the source content for a non-fiction book is an alarming experience for a first-timer. You’ll read through your initial manuscript after it’s created and wonder, “Did I really came up with that content or did someone make that up for me?”

Here are a few gems you are welcome to use as quotes in media, blog posts and social networks without needing our approval. Just be sure to cite the book title and Marty Dickinson as the author.

“With the inundation of books, seminars, speakers, coaches, and therapists, focused on the topic of self-improvement, you would think we would all be debt-free, size 3 and money trees by now.”

“If lions do not succeed in one hunt, they re-evaluate, re-energize (maybe by taking a short nap), and then resume the chase until they catch dinner.”

“Only after you identify exactly what you want, can you craft a plan to get you there.”

Book Launch Updates

Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it Too was launched on February 27, 2020, during the best economic period in 40 years.

A few weeks later, California issued the first stay-a-home order due to the rising pandemic caused by Covid-19. Almost overnight, in-person events were halted around the world. Places of work locked their buildings and, for those who’s positions were not terminated, employees were forced to work from home. Vacations were cancelled. High school proms were postponed. Graduation dates were moved. Deaths and prolonged illness mounted. We all remember the week our lives changed forever. Book sales plummeted for almost all titles, including Lions.

Why Lions Always Win is Relevant Today

With Covid-19 still present in our lives, and government continued threats of closings, this book has become more of a necessity than maybe any time in history. In a period where we are restricted in our actions, we need to be even more specific about our wants and plans to attain those wants. Where some might view Lions Always Win as only relevant during good times, we suggest it could be a true life changer for those experiencing the worst of times.

Description of Bonus

A password-protected bonus area is provided by the author for the Lions Always Win book. The most important component is a web-based tool you will have LIFETIME access to after purchasing the book to help you produce what we call a Get Statement Generator. You can watch a video of it here:

The Get Statement is an expanded version of Napoleon Hill’s Definiteness of Purpose statement that he introduced in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Dr. Hill suggested that we should write out our wants and goals into a detailed, short paragraph, and recite the paragraph, vocally, each day and night until the desired outcome is achieved.

Our Get Statement Generator adds a few more pieces to that process and the web-based tool helps you craft those statements within a minute or two.

Here is a Get Statement example we made recently to announce plans for our upcoming Content Obtainer Guide certification program.

What to Do Next

If you have not ordered your copy of Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life…and Get it Too, now is your chance! Don’t put off your wants and dreams any longer! Order today and get immediate access to the bonus area.

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