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God’s Law of Attraction by Susan Lee

Many people have the misconception that God’s Law of Attraction is new age or even occult-driven. It is actually very solidly based in scripture, and merely explains that the new agey secret Law of Attraction is just a law of nature created by God, like physics or gravity. Law of attraction is pro-God, when taken with scripture, not pro-person.

Originally published in 2013, this book brings together what you want, what God wants for you and for you and the method to acquire those wants without guilt.

What Problem is Solved by God’s Law of Attraction?

Christians tend to belive money is the devil and any enjoyment of life’s gifts is selfish. God’s Law of Attraction proves the Law of Attraction isn’t a menacing new age threat to God’s way, but rather a natural law put in place by God Himself to help us to transform into the person He wants us to become!

Just like God put the laws in place for chemistry, physics, and planetary motion, He created the law of attraction, and it is already working in our lives, positively or negatively, whether we know it or not.

Author’s Challenge

Susan Lee in her childhood never envisioned herself becoming an author as an adult. She liked writing papers in school, but at that time only thought of writers as writing fiction. Although she loves reading fiction, her only interest is in writing non-fiction Christian self-help instructional/motivational books.

She admits near addiction to self-help books, articles, and movies and enjoys relating bible stories and lessons to real life.

Today, her ambition is to retire young from corporate America and become a full-time writer.

Behind the Scenes of God’s Law of Attraction

“My first book, God’s Law of Attraction, took a lot longer to write than I expected it would. I had to be patient with myself and persevere to the end. So while I was finishing up GLOA, I was already planning in the back of my mind my second book: Developing Patience and Perseverance in an Impatient World.

How Was the Completion of Your First Book, God’s Law of Attraction, a Positive Experience?

It was a positive experience to know that I can complete a written work. Many people work on their first book for years and years and still not ever complete their first draft. I didn’t want that to be me. Also, I love seeing the good reviews by so many people I don’t even know. It makes me realize that my book really does make sense and that people are helped by its content.

What New Concpet is Introduced in God’s Law of Attraction?

In GLOA there is Ask, Believe, Allow, Act and Receive, which are the steps to receiving god’s blessings into your life. All are tools to thinking positively in life and not to assume the worst in every situation.

A lot of negative things happen in life, no matter whether you are lucky or unlucky. The 5 steps of the law of attraction have definitely helped me to keep a positive perspective on things that happen rather than a catastrophic one.

What to Do Next

We are proud to feature Susan Lee as one of our charter authors authors. If you are seeking Godly guidance in life, we highly recommend any of Susan Lee’s highly revered books on Kindle or in hard-copy form. If you have not ordered your copy of God’s Law of Attraction, now is your chance! Don’t put off your connection any longer to God through the Law of Attraction he has provided to us.

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