Lions Always Win

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Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want in Business and Life...and Get it too

by Marty Dickinson

Author's Challenge

The biggest challenge for the author of Lions Always Win was for him to get out of the way and let his team do what they do best. That's coming directly from me, Marty Dickinson, President of Here Next Year, LLC, the company behind and Snowy Ridge Books, our official publisher name. We are all too close to our own projects. When things finally do get accomplished is when we allow them to progress while in the hands of the experts.

Behind the Scenes of Lions Always Win

"WIN," as we've come to call it around here, was originally written nearly three years ago. My team finalized the content, constructed the cover, and then we let it sit dormant in our archives unreleased. I just knew there was something missing, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I couldn't bring myself to release a book that was not complete.

In October, 2019, I was lying in bed at 3 a.m. and the missing piece hit me! I launched out of bed and raced to my computer to write it up before it escaped my mind. What completed the book was right under my nose the entire time. What was originally left out doesn't matter. What is important is that the book now is very much complete.

Some of Our Favorite Lines in Lions Always Win

Providing the source content for a non-fiction book is an alarming experience for a first-timer. You'll read through your initial manuscript after it's created and wonder, "Did I really came up with that content or did someone make that up for me?" The little gems I've listed below resulted from our expert Guide who literally dragged this information out of my brain. Without the use of our process, I have no question the final result would have been far less in quality than what was released.

"With the inundation of books, seminars, speakers, coaches, and therapists, focused on the topic of self-improvement, you would think we would all be debt-free, size 3 and money trees by now."

"If lions do not succeed in one hunt, they re-evaluate, re-energize (maybe by taking a short nap), and then resume the chase until they catch dinner."

"Only after you identify exactly what you want, can you craft a plan to get you there."

Next Steps for Marty Dickinson

The content for Lions Always Win is already being converted to a workbook form. We should have that available by late April. The workbook will become part of an online course offered through a combination of Amazon and video. Next after that will be the audiobook version. So, stay tuned!