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Sell More Faster: A Visual Quick-Start Guide for New CloudNet360 Users by Marty Dickinson Will Get You Selling in No Time!

Due to its high number of visual screenshots, this Book is ONLY available on and is not sold on Amazon/Kindle.

CloudNet360 Quick Start Guide book for new users getting started.

This CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide gives you a step-by-step visual approach to setting up the CloudNet360 system so that you can start selling your products and services faster than if you were to attempt learning the system on your own.

7-year CloudNet360 user and full-time web marketer, and certified CloudNet360 Platinum Partner Marty Dickinson takes you right into the setup area and shows you the most important steps toward getting live to sell your products and services in a matter of minutes.

Specifically, this guide covers:

  1. System setup
  2. Shopping cart setup
  3. Header design setup
  4. Products setup
  5. Product categories setup
  6. Tags setup for micro-targeting later
  7. Funnels/Sales Paths basic setup to trigger actions that you want to happen once someone buys your products or services.
  8. Payment gateway overview - Once you know what to ask for, we suggest contacting support because there are so many possibilities depending on which gateway(s) you plan to use.

This Quick-Start guide is the first of a series of getting started documents for the CloudNet360 system to help you Sell More...Faster!

Plus, you'll get THREE bunuses!

Bonus #1: A customized, shortened, version of Marty's eWorkbook Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want...and Get it Too!

Let's face it. You didn't sign-up for CloudNet360 just to try another shopping cart. You expect the system to help you increase your leads and sales, right?

But, to what revenue levels?

Marty has discovered over the past five years of asking new consulting clients, "What do you want?" that nearly every business owner cannot provide a detailed answer to this question.

You will never be happy with CloudNet360 or any other business growth system until you can completely answer the question of What do you want?. Only then can any web-based sales and marketing tool help you to achieve those wants.

The Lions Always Win bonus will walk you through a sequence of steps to help you quantify what you truly want and you will use those findings to help you prioritize your planning and implementation of the CloudNet360 system.

The full version of Lions Always Win sells for $37, but this customized version for CloudNet360 users is INCLUDED with your purchase of the CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide.

Bonus #2: The Essential Pre-Flight Planning Document for New CloudNet360 Clients (DIY Edition).

Before you implement, save yourself a few hours of time by putting your plan to paper. We call this document a "pre-flight" because it's a lot like a pilot going through his checklist before takeoff in an airplane.

In 2015, Marty created a pre-flight document for the CloudNet360 support department to use with new users wanting to contract CloudNet360 staff to setup their systems.

This document has been customized to be used specifically by new users wanting to setup CloudNet360 on their own.

Marty has sold a generic version of his pre-flight document for the past 15 years on his company website for $27. You will receive the customized version of this document as part of your one-time purchase of the CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide.

Bonus #3: LIFETIME access to updated editions of the CloudNet360 Quick Start Guide!

One of the hidden treasures of the CloudNet360 system is that it is constantly evolving with new features and slight updates to old functions. Rather than provide one Quick-Start edition for years to come, which would quickly become outdated, Marty has committed to updating this document throughout each year as the system evolves.

Instead of forcing its readers to pay for future editions, Marty is providing LIFETIME access to the most current eGuide as it grows.

Marty Doesn't Just Write About CloudNet360—He Uses it Every Day!

By purchasing Marty's CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide, you will actually be using the system itself to purchase the eGuide and experience its delivery process. This page is connected to Marty's CloudNet360 account, which he personally manages, through his main company

There's no better way to be introduced to the CloudNet360 setup process than to use the system first as a customer!

Order in Confidence!

Work through the Lions Always Win and Pre-Flight Planning bonuses. Setup your CloudNet360 system using Marty's step-by-step sequence and visual screen shots. If you truly feel this Quick-Start guide is not worth its purchase price of just $27, simply send an email to us at and we will promptly provide a refund within 30 days of purchase.

More likely, you will be excited to let us know how the CloudNet360 Quick-Start Guide helped save you hours (or even days!) with your initial setup. We want to know that too!

Best of luck with your CloudNet360 implementation and get ready to Sell More...FASTER with your purchase of Marty Dickinson's Quick-Start Guide. Order Now!

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