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88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life Book is LIVE and Available for Sale on Amazon

After an initial launch in April, 2018, Hazel amazed crowds at speaking gigs by performing 20 push-ups in front of the crowd…at age 88! Today, at 90, she continues to build her network marketing business while living her life to the fullest, even during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enjoy more than 200 pages of life experiences and lessons as told by author Hazel Ramsbotham. If you have been struggling to find the secrets to true wealth, active health as you age, and wise thinking and clear decision making, 88 Keys could be a life changer for you.

As Dr. Paul Williams mentions in his foreword, “Every one of her 88 Keys offers something to be learned by everyone who reads her story.”

Specifically, 88 Keys will help you discover how to:

  • Realize just how important your family is in your life and cherish every moment with them.
  • Find your inner grit and use it to face your fears.
  • Endure unfavorable living conditions while you must, but realize when enough is enough!
  • Pursue your purpose in life knowing your purpose could change over time.
  • Regain energy to accomplish all the tasks you need to…and stay healthy through it all.
  • Discover income possibilities as you age and take control of your financial future.
  • Look forward to the excitement and challenges life has to offer.
  • Music instructors can strengthen their dedication to teaching.
  • Young women of the #MeToo movement can understand the devastating effects of abuse.
  • Men can appreciate the courage and strength women can possess when pushed to their limits.
  • Business owners can learn the importance of resourcefulness.
  • Parents will learn the value of their children learning music early in life.
  • Retirees can be inspired to find new beginnings.

Who Needs to Read This Book?

Originally, 88 Keys was intended to be a simple chronological biography of Hazel’s life as a gift for her children and grandchildren. But, her instructions need to be read and followed by anyone who wants to live life with purpose.

If you feel the pressures of money, debt, depression, anxiety, financial loss, age, illness, soured relationships, or an uncertain future, order Hazel’s book now 88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life will be, as they say, “music to your ears” as well as your heart.

What to Do Next

If you have not yet ordered your copy of Hazel Ramsbotham’s, 88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life, now is your chance! Don’t give in to an uncertain future. Order today.

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