Monthly Archives: November 2016

Poll Results: Why Readers Stop Reading a Non-Fiction Book

Getting ebooks done fast is the hot item on the web these days. Tools claiming to help you "get a book done in just 3 hours" and even services like ours promising "a book in 6 weeks...without typing!" are popping up one-by-one to align with the potential of near immediate self-publishing. Surely, logic teaches us…

Living Legend Joe Sabah Speaks NSA Colorado

National Speakers Association Denver Chapter meeting was blessed with greatness yesterday (November 18, 2017) as the legend, Joe Sabah, talked about what it was like to work with Cavett Robert in the early days of the professional speaking world. Here is a short snippet featuring the tail end of Joe's talk. We were there to…

Do You Know Joe Sabah?

So, you don't get confused by the headline, my name is Marty Dickinson. I run R50 Books and am the guy on the stage asking the audience to raise their hands if they know Joe Sabah. About 70% of the room was familiar with the name. This past weekend I was honored to speak at…