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What is this 121 Realistic Methods for More Book Sales…Faster…Document?

This current list of 121 individual, realistic, methods for selling more books online and off-line will help you create your non-fiction book marketing plan for the next TWO YEARS.

We’ve sorted each method by:

  • Cost
  • Ease of implementation
  • Speed of implementation
  • Expected ROI
  • Necessity

Choose which methods to plan for implementing immediately versus the next six months or a year or two from now.

Here’s a Sample of Our Book Promotion Methods

Book Selling Method Ranking Total
1. Word of Mouth C=1, E=1, T=1, R=1, N=1 5
2. Add Email Signature Line C=1, E=1, T=1, R=1, N=1 5
3. Participate in Other Peoples’ Facebook Groups C=1, E=1, T=1, R=1, N=1 5
4. Always Carry One of Your Printed Books With You C=2, E=1, T=1, R=1, N=1 6
5. Register a Book Domain Name
(We suggest
C=2, E=1, T=1, R=1, N=1 6

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