Real Life Wonder Woman Writes Book at Age 88

When you think of the Fictional Character, Wonder Woman, what comes to mind?

Young, fast, thin, strong, beautiful, devoted to helping people. Well, we would like to introduce you to a real life wonder woman; and, she is ALL of those things and more!

Like, for example...

  • Lives debt-free.
  • Has more energy than anyone I know half her age.
  • Takes no medication.
  • Never gets sick.
  • Performs 40 push-ups and sit-ups almost daily.
  • Travels the world alone.
  • Survived an abusive marriage.
  • Mothered five children.
  • Speaks on-stage to thousands of people.

Oh...and, did I mention her age? She is 88!

Her name is Hazel Ramsbotham and she truly is a living wonder woman of our time. In fact, I find it simply impossible to even write the words "years-old" in the same paragraph where her name and ages is featured because Hazel has the physique and stamina of a healthy woman 20 years younger.

When Hazel approached Produce My Book as a first-time author, she originally wanted to document her life experiences as a gift to her children and grandchildren. She said, "There are reasons why I am the person I am today and I want my family to learn from those experiences so that they can have the confidence to do what they need to do when times get tough."

As the content outline started to take shape, we knew something special was in the works.

We live in a tough world. Everyone is looking for a superhero. Ticket sales for the Black Panther movie broke records at the box office this year, which is a good example how people want to believe there are amazing people with amazing capability.

Instead of looking to youth and physical power, maybe all of us should be directing our efforts to achieving longevity in life and living life with an evolving purpose. Hazel shares her wisdom for how she has accomplished both objectives in her new book titled, 88 Keys to Living a Long and Purposeful Life.

Available now on Amazon in ebook or soft cover format.

First, get the ebook for yourself. Then, buy a soft cover version in full print to send to someone you know who could use some super human strength from Hazel Ramsbotham, a true modern-day wonder woman.

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