Weeknight Dinners Will Soon Take Minutes to Prepare

ProduceMyBook is committed to publishing unique instructional guides that rise above the standard e-books on similar subjects by providing solutions to common concerns, questions and problems related to the e-book topic.

With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce the soon-to-be-released latest cookbook by Lisa Shoumann: Weeknight Dinners for Fast Food Families: Go-to Meals to Make at Home that will Keep You Out of the Drive-Through Line.

When we were first presented with the opportunity to publish Ms. Shoumann’s book, our first question was, "Does the world really NEED another cookbook?" After learning more, our answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" if that cookbook is Weeknight Dinners For Fast Food Families.

Fast Food is Not a Long Term Solution

The number one complaint among working women and stay-at-home moms alike is that weeknight meals take too much time and energy. Let’s face it, we live in a busy world and our families are on the go all the time. It’s tempting to take the easy way out and pick up a quick bucket of chicken or bag of burgers instead of going through the brain damage of planning and preparing dinner every night.

Unfortunately, we are all too aware of the negative effects that strategy can take on our health and our budget.

Lisa Shoumann, a working mother of two, became drawn into the fast food routine as well.

When it came time for the family to take a hard look at expenses, she realized take-out had become the normal. Home cooked meals were a weekend treat and welcome change to the family's routine, boring, and expensive fast food lifestyle.

"When I made the commitment to cook more meals at home, I expected it to be relatively easy to find recipes for foods my family would enjoy that didn't break the bank," said Lisa. "What I found were recipes that took forever to prepare or that required so many strange ingredients I wasn’t saving any money. Or I would choose a recipe at 5:00 pm only to find it required 6 hours in the crockpot. Generally, my family frowns on eating at 11:00 pm!"

The True Solution: Versatile Recipes for Family Favorite Meals

Lisa refused to give up and soon developed a collection of what she calls go-to favorites that uses simple pantry ingredients she learned to keep in stock. She soon found that the solution to weeknight cooking is to have a full tool chest of options, including freeze-ahead meals and multiple cooking options for the same meal.

Lisa shares these recipes in her book, as well as a suggested list of stock ingredients to build. In addition, Lisa provides her system for preparing a week’s worth of freezer ready meals in about an hour.

"The recipes in Weeknight Dinners for Fast Food Families are all economical, easy to prepare and adaptable to the ingredients you have on hand, and your family’s personal taste and nutritional needs."

Here at R50 Books, we love Lisa’s versatile and practical ideas for weeknight cooking and are proud to provide Weeknight Dinners for Fast Food Families under the R50 label and slated for release next week.

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