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Publishing Options: An Industry Summary

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Let’s look at the other side of the fence.

There are many vanity press companies that will produce your book after you’ve gone through the painstaking process of writing it.

Some will charge you outright as more of a book assembly factory.

Some will take on your project for free and pay you a small commission in royalties similar to how the larger publishers take on a new author.

Speaking of big publishers, if one does take you on, you may be contractually obligated to ONLY write books for that topic under their label.

And some indie publishers will own rights to your book, so be careful to ask who really owns the book you submit to them for publishing.

Book shepherds and book coaches will charge additional to guide you through the process every step of the way.

By the time your book is born, 9 months to a year or more will have gone by, and you will have spent anywhere from $10,000 to, one company I know of in particular charges $40,000.

And, remember, you still have to spend all that time writing and rewriting all of the content, unlike the Produce My Book method detailed in the previous videos.

Then, there’s the other popular option that I brought up a bit earlier; hiring a ghost writer.

A ghost writer will typically interview you for a few hours on the phone and then they’ll go write your book for you. They attempt to write the book in your voice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The problem with ghost writers is that they all have their own style of writing. The book might sound something like you, but be written in a style that is far away from your style. I know that’s a bit hard to make sense of.

So, let’s just say from a professional standpoint, it’s very important that your book is written in YOUR voice.

I love to get comments from readers that have known Joe Sabah for many years, got his book because they are lifetime fans, and told me how the book read just like Joe talks.

Sentences were worded in the exact way he would say the words himself.

This is one of the keys to producing content that is not Amazon crap. Create the book in your own voice.

Joe has trouble typing though. He’s 80+ years young and had a stroke in 2004…and still conducts several live workshops every month…post stroke!

How could he possibly produce a book without typing?

Well, yeah, I suppose he could record it using Dragon or some other virtual voice to text software.

But, Joe has been giving his Speaking for Fun and Profit live training for 36 years. He had plenty of time to just record his method and make it into a book.

Why didn’t he just take action way back when?

The answer is the same answer why YOU have not taken the right steps to get your book done up to this point. My content extraction process or recording or interviewing has been available to you for years. You just never thought it was possible, or felt it was probably just too hard, until you watched this video.

Here’s my point.

The Produce My Book method does not just have you go off and record your book!
And, I am not suggesting a ghost writer is the way to go either.

We don’t charge you $40,000 to deliver a thousand printed books to your basement like a vanity publisher will. But, we’re not a bottom feeder price-is-the-only-priority type of group either.

At, we have reinvented the way books are conceived and created.

The process allows us to get the entire book done and launched in as little as six weeks.

You will have a top-quality book you will be proud of. But, what’s even more important, is that you will be inspired to produce more books beyond the first one!

If you are ready to take the next step, scroll to the end of this page and answer the questions on the form. I will personally call you on the phone at a scheduled time so that we can discuss the potential success for your book.

We supply way too much manpower over a six week period to do this kind of work for free. But, if we do our job right, you will have a fast return on your investment.

If you haven’t formed a vision yet for how your book can easily pay for itself, sometimes before it’s even launched but certainly only a short time after launch, watch the final video.