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Step #3 of 3: Everything Else

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After the content is produced and recorded, everything else needs to happen.
In our Produce My Book timeline, there are 19 additional steps beyond choosing a topic, creating a GEM and extracting the content, before going live on Amazon with a completed book.

The content generated from the extraction sessions needs to be assembled and sometimes moved around so that the recorded words will read more like a book.

Then, there is the editing process, coming up with a selling book title, writing sales copy for your book description, front and back cover design, coding your ebook version to Kindle specifications and different coding for Create Space so that print-on-demand soft cover copies can be printed when people order, and keyword and category research on Amazon, just to name a few!

I have a team of six people that all work together to make all of these pieces flow smoothly and in sequence so the book is completed by or at least near the 6 week mark. You would have to make this process a full-time or at least part-time job for yourself if you were to DO all of these pieces on your own.

Of course, you can go to many contractor-for-hire outlets and pay people less than $20 to make a cover for you or $50 to edit your book. And, you can always attempt to find a friend to come over and interview you for a day while sipping on cocktails by the pool.
But, producing your book from start to finish using this method of book length versus quality is a delicate balancing act. Plus, from start to launch, I’m going to just ballpark it here for you that the entire process takes about 100 hours.

If your sole objective is to spend nothing or under $100 to get a book done, well, get ready to do a lot more work on your end than you expected you would.

And, you might wind up scrapping your book after it doesn’t sell and redoing it to get it right.

If you just don’t have the time to invest, you’re going to need to invest in help to do this process for you or at least with you.

You already know that my hope is that you consider us to produce your book. Fill out my little questionnaire fields below and I will call you on the phone myself to report on the potential for your book based on the answers you provide.

This is a no-obligation call that could last as little as 10 minutes while I provide my report to you. If, after that, you would like to continue talking about your project and want to know our prices, I will be happy to supply those details to you on the call.

If you’re not ready to talk yet, figuring you still might be able to find a way out there that is better than Produce My Book, well, I’ll help you right now with that step by presenting some options available today. Just watch the next video.