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Step #2 of 3: Create the Content in 3 Days

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The next step in the process is creating the content itself for the book.

In traditional publishing, you can choose to write the content yourself or hire a ghost writer. There really has been no other alternative…until now.

I extract the content from my client’s brains.

The more subtle term is to interview the author. But, that’s not a strong enough word. Interrogate is accurate, but sounds too forceful.

It’s more like I partner with the author’s mind and lead them through a series of questions in probably the deepest discussion they’ve ever had about their topic.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how to teach this yet. It’s the only step in the Produce My Book process that I haven’t been able to hire anyone to help me with.

I learned how to have these in-depth discussions through working with clients over 20 years to create  websites for professional speakers, authors, and traditional businesses too, through my parent company Here Next Year.

You just can’t buy mileage with something like this.

Almost no one knows what they really want in a website. So, I would have to extract everything about their business that would help a website to sell their products or services.

A book is very similar.

Most people know they have valuable expertise hidden inside them that only comes out when they provide the product or service.

I have to dig it out of them to get the specifics.

This type of interview is exhausting for the author. One of my author clients had to go to bed after our first session!

So, I break the extractions up into 2-hour segments over three non-consecutive days. I usually have all the content I need within three or four sessions.

After the sessions are finished, the author is done with producing content.

Now, what sounds better to you? Getting up at 4am to write 1,000 words a day for the next 8 months like traditional publishers and writing associations tell you to do? Or, getting all of your book content complete in 3 or 4 days?

See how the traditional publishing route is just outdated and obsolete?

This really is a new form of producing a book that is in the process of transforming the entire publishing industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if even the big publishing companies start using this process someday.

But, I understand how they haven’t up to this point.

The person that conducts these deep dive interviews really has to have a few specific skills.

The person has to be excited about your topic.

The person has to be enormously trustworthy because some things come out in those sessions that should not be included in the book for the public to read.

The author needs to feel comfortable telling those deep dark secrets sometimes to get through the layers and to the top quality content.

The extractor has to be well-versed in what people want to know about that topic.

Has to know what people don’t like about books already on that topic.

Has to be able to become part of your brain and be just a bit ahead of the conversation to steer you in a logical direction for explaining your method.

Has to be able to recognize when you’re going off topic or getting too wordy and bring you back to the core direction of the content.

Has to be fully invested in the interviews without getting distracted by having to suddenly get the kids to school or getting a phone call that takes priority.

And, finally, that person has to be able to have a sort of out-of-body experience and picture himself or herself as 1,000 other people reading the book you’re creating. What do they expect to read with every page?

The most challenging part of the entire process is finding that person to partner with your brain during the extraction sessions. Without it, the whole sequence is at a standstill.

Content producing is only the starting point though. There are 19 steps after this point to fully produce your book. Watch the next video.