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Book Process Step #1 of 3: Create Your G.E.M.

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Hey, great job. If you watched all five videos, you are well primed to discover and embrace the Produce My Book method to produce your first or next non-fiction book in six weeks without every typing a word of your manuscript.

It doesn’t have to be six weeks. One book I produced all the content for in a single day and had it selling on Amazon six days later.

You could take longer than six weeks too. There’s no pressure with time being six weeks or 8 weeks or 10.

I’ve just found that six weeks is the perfect sweet spot for allowing enough time for all the momentum and excitement to build for a successful Amazon Best Seller book launch but not too much time that you beat the book to death trying to make it perfect and instead lose your window of opportunity.

This new method of book producing gets you out of the idea of taking a YEAR to get to the point of the book live and selling on Amazon, like going the traditional publisher or vanity publisher route usually winds up taking.

If you skipped ahead to save a few minutes, I really urge you to stop watching this segment and go back and watch all of the videos before this one.

At any time of course, you can stop watching and contact me by text or phone call or by completing the contact form to talk with me personally about your book project.

One more thing before I provide you with this sequence.

You have to let go of just about everything you know about traditional book publishing. Pretend you’ve never read a book before and have never written even a blog post or an email.

So, do whatever meditation or mind block release you have to so that your mind is clear and ready to receive a new sequence of steps for producing your book.

Have you erased all that experience from your mind?

Okay, now we can begin.

The first component in the Produce My Book method is to create your GEM.

G…E…M… is an acronym I developed that stands for Genuine Expert Method. Everyone has a method. If you’ve lived this long, you have perfected a method for survival which has protected you up to this point.

Your method is a sequence of steps that you perform every time a new client comes your way.

If you charge for your services, you had better consider yourself “the expert,” the best at fulfilling that method for others.

If you’ve paid for licensing, or have gone through some sort of certification process, the method you practice could be protected. You might not be legally allowed to write a book detailing the process. So, check first to be safe.

But, if you learned a method originally and adapted pieces and parts to create your OWN method, like probably all of us have done at one time or another to arrive at the actual method we use today, well, that is genuine.

You have a Genuine Expert Method that no one else in the world provides and that is worthy topic to build a book around.

I’ve had clients that have offered the same services for over 30 years and when I ask them what their Genuine Expert Method is, they really don’t know.

Only after I pull their method from their brain do they realize, “Oh, well, I guess I do handle pretty much every client the same…even though their specific situations might be different.”

No one provides that method better than you do…in just the way you do it!
My suggestion, again, I’m saying it twice in hopes that you hear and accept this little thumb in the back, is for you to detail that GEM of yours and showcase it in your first book.

If you don’t know what that GEM is or how to construct it, that is the purpose for my mini manual you now have access to in the link below this video called, “The Method In You.”
Download it, work through it, and create your GEM.

This free document will walk you step-by-step using MY method to help you outline YOUR method.

That’s the first step in the Produce My Book method and the first key in producing a potential Amazon Best Seller!

…Providing a solid method that readers will be able to put to use immediately.

That’s what makes books sell and, even more importantly, that’s what makes books get borrowed and read all the way through.