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Book Reality #5: What REALLY Sells Books Today

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Books Don’t Sell Books, but This Does. There are a lot of people out there selling their “How to write your own book” products and “How to Become a #1 Best Seller on Amazon” methods or book coaching programs.

You’ve seen their facebook ads and their email broadcasts just as I have and you’ve probably wound up rearranging your whole morning or afternoon to watch their 90-minute free videos that lure you into buying into their coaching or membership programs.
Then, you get a whole slew of education about how to go off on your own and lock yourself in a hotel room somewhere for a week to again WRITE your own book.

What every program leaves out, that I’ve seen anyway, is the very secret that got that author his or her true quantity of book sales.

When I discovered it, I just scratched my bald head wondering why they would hold back a secret like that from people who are paying for their information.

Let’s see if you can guess what that secret is by using my own example.

After I launched my first book in 2004, I spent the next two years conducting live workshops teaching the contents of the book and bringing in new clients. I wrote more instructional manuals and sold them all as a bundle for about $150 bucks.

And, those additional books brought in more clients and more speaking gigs.

I even took the cover of my original book and created a mascot, that I called “Action.” You know how speakers on stage always tell you “Take Action, take action!”

Well, I finally one day asked myself, who is this action person anyway?

So, I put a face to a name and introduced Action everywhere I went. I took action at networking events. I took action at client meetings. I took action at my workshops. I took action at conferences.

Every time I took action anywhere, I’d bring a smile to peoples’ faces and the question “What do you do?” would always result.

I would get calls from people a few months later and they’d say, “I can’t remember what you do, but you’re the guy with the dog, right?”

More books, more speaking, and more Action, led to more speaking gigs and even a persona as “that action guy with the dog.”

At one point, my team had grown to more than a dozen helpers working with me to implement requests for services.

Eventually Wiley publishing asked me to contribute to their upcoming Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies book, which today (they tell me) is in bookstores around the world.
Did my writing a book pay for itself? Many many times over.

Why? Because I was willing to take action and be visible.

We live in an age of video. There’s no escaping it.

I’m providing a no frills version of that here. You see who I am. I’m a real person. Just talking with you.

You’ve heard the saying that “people buy from people they know, like and trust, right?” Well, times have changed.

We need to add on another phrase to that sentence.

People buy from people they know, like, trust, AND are visible.

If you want to sell books, one of the great secrets from successful authors is to BE VISIBLE.

As part of the Produce My Book process, we work with our authors to become comfortable with being visible…especially on video and LIVE video.

Now that you hopefully have a positive feeling about how important and how possible it really is to produce your book, let’s get into the actual mechanics of this new book producing method.