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Book Reality #4: You Can Predict Your Revenue

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You CAN make residual income for life…and even potentially retire…by living off your book sales revenue.

But, you must embrace one critical rule and live and breathe by it that is very real today and didn’t even exist ten years ago. If you don’t know what this rule is and include it in your book producing plan, well, you’d better keep your day job.

Here is the rule: Calculate quantity.

After you produce a few books, and go through the launch process, and establish your ongoing marketing and visibility program for each book, you will find your book has an average sales volume per month and per year.

Most books sell NOTHING after their initial launch, which is great news for you because even though there are hundreds of books in your category on Amazon, your ongoing marketing will assure your book continues to sell.

Once you have your marketing program setup and the book is selling consistently, you can move on to your next book and rinse and repeat.

After that, you can simply calculate how much residual income you want to create from book sales and how many books you’ll need to create to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

With the Produce My Book method, you can stop focusing on the biggest problem facing authors in traditional publishing, which has always been exactly what to write, and focus on getting to the next book while marketing the book you just launched.

There is one new key to add to the mix of selling books. And, that is to realize that books don’t sell books. I don’t care how good the content is or how snappy and sexy the title might be.

Watch the next video for a description of what only best selling authors know about what really sells books today.