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Book Reality #3: It's a Game Not a Science

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Reaching the coveted Amazon Best Seller status for your book is just a game. It’s not reserved for the elite or only those with high marketing budgets. New authors are lured into vanity book agencies by the promise of earning Amazon Best Seller status, like it’s some kind of virtual trophy or executive club.

There is nothing complex about obtaining Amazon Best Seller status.

When you hire Produce My Book, I provide a custom book launch process for each client…for FREE! All you have to do is follow the steps day-by-day through the calendar period before, during and after launch.

Best of all, I can show you how to get other people to launch your book for you so that you don’t have to do all the legwork.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been speaking to groups about my experiences with Amazon Book Launches so far.

One of our books became an Amazon Best Seller within 15 hours of launch.

For another book project, I came into the process half-way through launch day and simply assisted with the launch when the author called me in a panic fearing a failed launch.

Only 4 hours later, #1 Amazon Best Seller.

You can either GO-FOR-IT or just launch your book…quietly…and build revenue over time. That decision is completely up to you and you can be successful with your book either way. Even if you never come close to Best Seller status, your book can still bring you tons of success, sales and stature in your industry.

Get one successful book and you’ll start realizing how so many people dream of retirement through living off their book sales revenue. Watch the next video for more about that.