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Book Reality #2: You Can Get More Leads and Sales Before You Even Start Work on Your Book if You Do This...

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Even if you NEVER sell a single book, your book can deliver an unending stream of leads and sales for your business. Most people are so hung up with book sales and numbers and sales rankings, they completely neglect how a book can help catapult their business, both in sales and how much to charge for products and services.

In fact, I can give you a taste of that right now.

Here’s a million dollar action step for making back every cent you spend on creating your book.

As soon as you decide to start working on your book, assign a realistic launch date.
Then, start promoting that launch date in everything you do. On your website. In your email replies. On your proposals. In your speaker bio. On your social media.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Why does this work? Because, when you simply tell people you have a book on the way, something magical happens.

Before I had even completed writing my first book in 2014, called Winning the Internet Dogfight, no this is out of print, don’t try to go find it on Amazon. There are probably only about five pages of it that would still be current today.

Anyway, I started adding little promotions in my email long before my first book was even started, let alone, off the printing presses.

Someone would fill out one my contact forms on a website wanting to know my services prices and I would reply within minutes where I would ask a question specific to their project. If they actually replied with an answer to my question, I would then have what I needed to produce an accurate proposal.

Before I started promoting my upcoming book in my signature line, I would reply with a question to the request for proposal, and about one out of every 10 would reply with an answer and the proposal process would continue.

After I started adding “Watch for my upcoming book Winning the Internet Dogfight soon to be released in January,” almost every email reply I sent was replied to with an answer to my question.

Did I get more business from having a book?

Absolutely! I acquired enough new client project work BEFORE the book was even printed to pay for everything I spent on creating the book!

That’s just one of many ways I can help you raise money to offset book producing costs while you are creating your book over the 6 weeks.

Of course, if your book becomes an Amazon Best Seller, you won’t have to worry too much about raising money. And, that’s my next reality.

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