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Final Video! How Does a Book Pay for Itself...FAST?

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The only thing left to cover before we talk on the phone about your specific project is how a book pays for itself…sometimes even before the book is on Amazon ready for sale.

In the video that I titled “Reality #5,” I shared the story about how my first book, back in 2004, helped to build my business and product line of instructional manuals over a 10-year period.
Why did I choose in 2017 to share an example of a process that began in 2004?

For two reasons.

  1. The first reason is because I want you to see how one book can lead to more books and more visibility for your business and more opportunity and growth and expansion possibilities beyond your imagination!
  2. Second, a book is so much easier to produce today. Once you realize just how smooth the process is and how little work YOU have to do, you will have a list in your mind of more than a dozen books to create over just the next year or two, rather than what it took me over a progression of ten years!

In fact, well, I’m not going to make any fake or inflated promises here, but I believe with the technology and the Publish My Book method, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone accomplish everything I experienced in 10 years in a single year or two.

You could start working on a book today and actually have it selling on Kindle as an ebook and Create Space as a print-on-demand soft-cover book in under a week if you really wanted to. But, as I said before, 6 weeks is the sweet spot if you want to go for Amazon Best Seller.

You don’t have to pay in advance for a printer like the olden days of self-publishing.

You don’t have to have a thousand books stacked in boxes in your basement anymore. Amazon has their own print-on-demand presses to make books for you as people buy printed copies.

You can buy your own inventory of books in small quantities, at cost, which is usually around $2.50 per book for the size of book we most commonly work with, but sells retail on Amazon for $5-$15.
You don’t have to pay $2,000 for an editor or a layout expert for the type of books we specialize in producing. Those days are over.

You certainly don’t have to pay $2,500 for a cover designer. Cover design, editing, and layout is all part of our book producing packages.

You REALLY don’t have to pitch your book to the New York publishers only to be met with ongoing rejection and find out you are STILL in charge of promoting your book even if they do take you on.
And, I’m here to introduce that you don’t even have to TYPE your book.

You don’t even have to know what you want to SAY in your book.

And, you don’t have to wait a year or even six months to start and finish your book and get it selling.

There is a whole new way to produce your book from start to finish.

Most people spend years of their life trying to get that one single life work completed.

And, unless you’re a celebrity with a hot topic, you would probably wait for a year or more for a traditional publisher to complete the book creation process with you.

With the new ways available to us all, for book writing and completing books to be live and ready for sale, creating multiple books can be accomplished inside a single year.

And, that is the secret to building residual income for life with your books.

Plan to produce a lot of books.

After you launch a few books, you will know the process very well. And, you’ll know how much sales to expect from each book you write. Get an average of $30 to $400 per book per month in book sales commissions from Amazon and you only need to multiply how many books it will take to get the monthly revenue you want.

And, that’s aside from the additional leads and sales you’ll get for your products and services as a result of writing those books.

My ProduceMyBook method is fast, uses a proven format that gets read from cover to cover and allows you to compete with established writers in your area of expertise.

The ProduceMyBook method really does provide the easiest way imaginable to create book content, opens multiple doors of opportunity for you and, with all that happening, it’s easy to see how your book could easily pay for itself…and a whole lot more.

Time for you to take action.

Hopefully I’ve gotten you all excited. But, I need to do one thing before you and I start talking pricing.

I need to know the potential of your topic as it fits with your intention and lifestyle.
I have invented a private algorithm to weigh and rank your answers to certain questions to see if you are a good fit for what we do and if our process is a good fit for you.

We will both save some time if you answer those few questions for me even before we talk for the first time.

I will reply with a request for a phone call where we can spend just 10 minutes on the phone to go over your topic’s potential.

There is no free tool you can find on the web to do what I’m going to do for you. In fact, I’m confident there’s not even a book consultant that would provide this kind of measurement for you, but I’m sure you’d have to pay him or her at least a few hundred dollars.

I will provide my report for you for free.

This is not a consultation. This is a custom verbal report, just for you, that I will provide to you when we get on the phone.

So, take just a minute or two to answer these simple questions and I will get back to you with a time to schedule my report with you.

Of course, you can always just download The Method in You and I can keep you up to date with coming events and books in the works until you are ready to talk about your book project with me.

But, you’ve probably already put this off, and waited so long. Why not complete that form now toward accomplishing a single, simple, tiny step forward.

You’re only as little as 6 weeks away from being an author of your own non-fiction book…and maybe even an Amazon Best Seller too! What would THAT do for your business?

What will you feel like six months from now if you continue to struggle writing your own, still uncompleted book, knowing this method has been available to you the whole time?

There are more than 65 reasons why you should produce a book. Our ProduceMyBook method erases several reasons why you shouldn’t.

Let’s change some lives together—including yours. I hope to hear from you soon.

This is Marty Dickinson saying bye for now!