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Book Reality #1: If You Want to Get Paid for Your Book Sales, You Must Do This...

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Any New Non-Fiction Book Can Sell Even When There are So Many Other Books Around that Same Topic.

Why is this true? Because, most non-fiction books on Amazon are crap. There is always opportunity for a good quality non-fiction book to pull ahead of the competition and get sales. The secret is in knowing how people consume book content today in 2017 so that your book gets read all the way through to the end…or you don’t get paid.

If you can’t answer “why” you don’t get paid for unread books, you are going to waste a lot of time and money creating crap. Or you’re going to spend months or YEARS attempting to make your book so perfect that you’re going to miss out on your window of opportunity with your book topic.

I know that’s harsh. But, it’s just a fact. And, if you’re upset with me right now for just telling it like it is, well, I can live with that knowing I just saved you a bunch of time, effort and money.
Some people still buy books. But, most people either subscribe to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited so that they can “borrow” books.

The only way you get paid as the author is when more people read more of your book. If they all stop reading after page 5 and remove your book from the library on their phone or Kindle, you don’t get paid.

The whole strategy for writing books in a way that people read them all the way through has been evolving over the past couple of years.

You need your book to be short enough that people read the whole thing.

The book needs to be detailed enough so that people feel the book is worth their time to read the whole thing.

For example, I got a call from a woman in Texas.

She bought a book we produced for National Speakers Association Colorado Chapter co-founder, Joe Sabah, called How to Speak for Fun and Profit: Get Started in the Professional Speaking Business and Share Your Message with the World.

It reached Amazon Best Seller status about 15 hours after we launched it a couple of months ago.
The woman had already spent a few months researching how to get into the speaking business before downloading Joe’s book and mentioned to me she had already worked with a couple of speaker consultants with how to get started.

Then she borrowed Joe’s book as part of her Prime membership. She figured she would read a few pages and then come back to it when she had more time in her schedule.

She wound up staying up all night reading the book in one sitting! Joe’s approach, in her words, “turned her plan completely upside down!” Joe’s method was so much more logical and FAST to get started with that she wanted to digest every word and every sentence!

That’s the impact a book can have on a person when it’s constructed in a way that I’m going to share with you in one of the later videos on this page…and within a framework of a certain length where you can still keep it short but offer top quality as well.

Now watch the video for Reality #2 where I present how to make money with your book even if your book never sells a single copy.

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