New Book for Teenagers Looking for a Job

Teenage Baseball Umpire Job Book Now Available on Amazon!

Produce My Book is proud to announce the launch of Teenage Baseball Umpire: How to Make Great Part-Time Money and Have Fun at Your Job Too available now in e-book format for Kindle and in soft cover, printed form, as featured on Amazon.

Updated for 2018, this book addresses the national youth baseball umpire shortage and how any teenager with a love for baseball can quickly and easily begin making money as a youth baseball umpire.

Teenage Umpire and Author Rich Dossan Working a Game at his Youth Umpiring Job

19-year-old author and youth baseball umpire, Rich Dossan, provides a simple step-by-step sequence to help you accomplish three main tasks:

  1. Determine if you are a good fit for becoming a youth baseball umpire.
  2. Find, apply for and get the job.
  3. Get good at umpiring and build a reputation as a skilled and reliable umpire so that you can work higher paying games.

At the time of this post, the book has received all 5-star reviews on Amazon including this one from Stephen L. Doherty, father of two teenagers where he says, "I found this book to be loaded with great information I never knew about before. With two teenage kids, I will definitely have them look into this incredibly lucrative money-making endeavor to augment their college needs."

The Perfect Gift for Any Teenager with a Love for the Game of Baseball and the Need for a Job

Most teenagers, particularly boys, despise the idea of reading books. This book, however, is written by a teenager for teenagers. And, it's about making money! At only 52 pages, Teenage Baseball Umpire could be the perfect gift your teenager will actually read from cover to cover. Plus, he will learn the value of reading books as a result.

What Kind of Reader was the Teenage Baseball Umpire Book Written for?

  • Teenagers cut from their high school or junior high baseball team but want to continue to be around the game and put their baseball knowledge to good use in a job that pays.
  • Current teenage baseball players wanting to earn money on-the-side on the occasional weekend or weekday evening when they do not have a team practice, baseball game or tournament. Umpiring is very flexible with scheduling.
  • Umpire assignors struggling to recruit new umpires and get them trained.
  • City rec league sports directors anxiously wondering how they're going to attract, hire and train enough new (and reliable) umpires for the upcoming baseball season.
  • Youth training and development directors looking for ways for their inner city kids to get real-world job experience other than just flipping burgers in fast-food restaurants.
  • Parents wanting their teenage children to begin their first job in a field that will build their confidence and leadership skills while earning higher than minimum wage.

During its launch this week on Amazon until December 22, 2017, the book is available for just $.99 for Kindle and $7.99 printed.

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