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Privacy Policy

Whether you use the Produce My Book website to buy our eBooks, research, opt-in to our announcements list, or just peruse our blog posts or author bios, we will NOT provide your contact details or payment information to other lists or entities.

In the unlikely event that Produce My Book sells-out to a larger company, you would still be notified of such news and would have the right to remove any information we have on you prior to the migration of R50 Books to another entity’s control.

Terms of Use

By reviewing any page on the Produce My Book website, you signify your Assent and Agreement to these Terms of Use as described below. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not use the site and leave immediately.

Earnings and Income Disclaimer

We (Produce My Book) have made every attempt to avoid making specific claims or suggestions that you will experience a certain percentage of sales increase by applying the strategies contained in our books or blog posts.

With every product or service, there will be a wide variance in return on investment based on your business experience, education, the amount of time you are able to allocate to a given project, and your passion to succeed. There is no guarantee that if you implement the strategies presented in this publication that you will achieve the identical results as our authors or author's case studies and examples have experienced.

Many unpredictable and/or unknown business or Internet related risks may apply, which could reduce your results.

If you decide to implement the strategies that we present throughout our website or in our eBooks with the intention of increasing the sales of your product, service, or business or income in general, you agree that you are doing so on your own free will.

Just as Produce My Book would not be rewarded for your success, it and its staff cannot be held liable for any failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and/or use of the information, products and services offered through Produce My Book.

Payment Terms:

All payments for eBooks and services offered by Produce My Book are prepaid before delivery or work begins, unless otherwise authorized by Produce My Book staff.

Payments for non-Amazon eBooks and products can be made using Visa, Mastercard or Discover and will be processed through our parent company's merchant account and gateway, which is HereNextYear, LLC, a 20-year web marketing services company.

Payments for Amazon/Kindle/CreateSpace books will be accepted and processed directly through your Amazon account.

Checks are not accepted at this time but may be permitted in the future.


Produce My Book occasionally offers discounts on pricing and services when:

  • Seasonal times of year are approaching.
  • Non-profit organizations purchase large quantities (over 20 copies) of printed books for a fundraiser.
  • Bulk orders are desired for a company or public group.
  • Other opportunities as authorized by Produce My Book staff.


Refunds for purchased books are handled through Amazon. For author services provided by Produce My Book, benchmarks throughout the production process are provided where the client signs-off to indicate their satisfaction. If a refund request is made during the production process, we refund the project payments back to the most recently approved benchmark.