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Frequently Asked Questions About Produce My Book

The following is a list of actual questions people have asked when considering our program. Feel free to send a question in using the contact form or text a message to Marty Dickinson directly on his cell phone with the word "Book" and he will reply with an immediate phone call in return, if available, or a time he will call.

Q: How Much Do Most Book Publishers Charge?
A: Some companies will help you get a book done (means many different things) for $500. One we know of charges $40,000! And, it will still take a year or more to see your completed book.

Q: How Much Does Produce My Book Charge?
A: We have 3 main packages that cost more than $500, but far less than $40,000!

Q: What is Package 1?
A: Package 1 is the true magic of the process and involves simply working with you on producing the content of your book. We will need two hours of your day for three (possibly four or five) non-consecutive days. At that point, your role of supplying content to us is complete...and you have not typed a word. We then configure the content and move things around so that your words read like a book should. We submit the completed manuscript to you and you are free to complete the book production and launch process on your own.

Q: What is Package 2?
A: Package 2 allows us to complete the rest of the book producing process with professional editing, book cover design, book title development, keyword research, category research, sales copywriting for the back cover and Amazon book description. Then the edited manuscript is coded for Kindle and CreateSpace and uploaded for your launch date. Package 2 is completed by providing a free bonus of a customized Amazon Best Seller launch plan for you to implement on your own.

Q: What is Package 3?
A: We will implement your Amazon Best Seller book launch for you! Yes, you will still need to be available during the launch phase, but we assume the bulk of the load starting with the very day a book launch date is determined.

Q: What are the Package Prices?
A: Prices for each package are determined by projected book length. Providing all 22 required steps in producing a book takes about 100 hours of implementation time. Producing a quality non-fiction book in as little as six weeks, relieving you of the task of producing the content on your own, and potentially orchestrating an Amazon book launch for you is not minimum-wage, entry-level or administrative work. Our packages are more than $500 but far less than what at least one high-end publishing company is charging.

Q: How Will My Money be Made Back?
A: This answer is different for all authors. Some want to rely entirely on book sales revenue for their ROI. That is certainly possible, but you will need to be open to ongoing promotion of your book for that to happen. Others don't care if they sell a book at all. Their main intention is to increase business status by having a completed book, thereby attracting more clients and/or increasing rates. That is certainly where the real money is made with non-fiction book publishing. Professional speakers enter into a program like this so that they can get a book done quickly to solidify and showcase their speaking platform and sell books to their live audiences. Once you have a book, there are many ways to make your money back on the initial project investment.

Q: Do I Own My Book and Have Legal Rights to its Content?
A: Yes. Your book produced by Produce My Book is your book. Period.

Q: Why Do You Promote a 6-Week Turnaround?
A: We created one of our books in a single day, the cover and sales copy the next and full editing over the next two days. By the 6th day, the book was selling on Kindle. We just wanted to see how fast we could do it using our no-typing method. But, for a proper buildup of excitement and successful product launch, we have determined six weeks to be the perfect sweet spot. One of our clients held off on their book launch because we got too close to Christmas. It made the Amazon Best Seller list in 15 hours after launch when we released it in February. There is no mandatory requirement on time-to-launch. Six weeks is just a good target to shoot for so that you will have your book in a timely manner but still allow for enough time to conduct a coordinated book launch. The olden days of waiting a year or more for your completed book...are over!

Q: Is there a Contract?
A: Yes. We require your signature to a services agreement before even allowing you to send a payment to us. Details are described in this blog post >>


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