Do You Know Joe Sabah?

So, you don't get confused by the headline, my name is Marty Dickinson. I run R50 Books and am the guy on the stage asking the audience to raise their hands if they know Joe Sabah. About 70% of the room was familiar with the name.

This past weekend I was honored to speak at the District 26 Toastmasters Fall Conference in Denver Colorado. My topic, of course, was why every business owner, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, teacher, and parent should write a book.

I shared the story of something that happened at the first Internet marketing workshop I conducted in 2004. Only eight people attended that initial workshop, but one question at the end was asked that would change my career and life forever.

The question was, "Where's your book? I'd like to buy one."

The person that asked that question was, of course, Joe Sabah.

At the time, I had no idea how to even approach the idea of writing a book. And, I certainly had no idea who Joe Sabah was.

Joe said to me, "Marty, come back to me when you have a book and we'll talk."

Marty Dickinson holding his first book Winning the Internet Dogfight

My first book, Winning the Internet Dogfight, finally came into being and Joe and I delivered 15 paid Internet marketing workshops together over the course of two years. Everything I spent on my first run of 500 copies was paid for by the end of just a few workshops and enough books were sold that I had to order another print run!

Using the book in my promotions brought credibility in an industry full of sharks. I gave more workshops, sold more books, got more clients, hired more staff, wrote more books, gave more workshops, sold more books and hired more staff.

Without Joe's urging for me to write that first book, my future would have been on an uncertain course and just been another techy trying to squeak my way by in the competitive world of Internet marketing service providers.

Is Writing a Book Worth it?

You bet it's worth it.

Does a Book Pay for Itself?

You bet it does.

Can Anyone Write a Book?

You bet you can!

Just like Joe inspired me, my hope is that I can inspire you to write a book. We are in the business of working with way-too-busy business owners to produce their books from concept to sales conversion, so contact me immediately if you need some help in that area.

If you have an audience that needs some entertainment and inspiration to write books, please contact me as well.

Send a text message to 303-913-4813 with the message "book" and I will call you back immediately if I'm available at that moment. If not, I will reply to your text with a few times we might be able to talk.

There is no better time in history to write and publish a book. All you have to do is see the potential.

Where's Your Book? I'd like to buy it.

Oh, and watch for Joe Sabah's book due for release later this month through R50 Books. The title, as you might expect, is, How to Speak for Fun and Profit.

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