Does Your Bored Teenager Need a Job?

Does your bored teenager need a summer or part-time job? Is he cooped up in his room every day playing video games? Who can blame him when job options are limited to flipping burgers in a hot kitchen in a fast food restaurant or packing bags in a grocery store?

Today, we launched a new book on Kindle/Amazon written by an 18-year-old teenager for teenagers and first-time author, Rich Dossan. Rich has been umpiring part-time on weekends since he was 15. He makes more money in two days than just about all of his friends working their part-time jobs at movie theaters or fast food restaurants!

Best of all, he loves being outdoors while getting paid to enjoy his favorite sport while having the luxury of any weekends off he wants.

We published Rich's book through R50 because he truly is an expert in his field! Even umpires in their 50's and 60's ask Rich's umpiring advice on the field!

When asked what he would be doing if he was not a youth baseball umpire, Rich replied with this:

"I would be missing baseball, that's for sure! After high school, baseball just ends for most players. By being an umpire, I get to still be an important part of the game I love.

Welcome, Rich Dossan, to our growing stable of authors and we wish him the best of luck with his new book Summer and Weekend Jobs for Teens: How to Make Great Part-Time Money as a Youth Baseball Umpire.

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