How to Speak for Fun and Profit by Joe Sabah

How to Speak for Fun and Profit: Get Started in the Professional Speaking Business and Share Your Message with the World! LIVE!

Book cover for How to Speak for Fun and Profit book by Joe Sabah

After 38 years of conducting the Speaking for Fun and Profit seminar, Joe Sabah has finally put his method into a book form!

In addition to the "what you get" and the many benefits of the book as listed in the Amazon book description, we feel one of the greatest values is the comments Joe provides from some of the great speakers of our time. Cavett Robert, Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale.

Hearing some of the history these early career speakers went through is both valuable and rare. Joe Sabah worked along side these greats as he was developing his own speaking career more than 50 years ago.

We are very proud to launch How to Speak for Fun and Profit under the R50 Books label! Go get your copy now.

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