Rookie Season Youth Baseball Coaching

Rookie Season: How to Coach a Youth Baseball Team for the First Time and Win More than Just Live!

Rookie Coach book cover for first time youth coaches.

Attention: First-timer Youth Coaches or Parents Thinking About Entering the Exciting and Rewarding Opportunity of Youth Baseball Coaching!

Youth Baseball Coaching Expert Randy Treeman Reveals...

"Coaching Youth Baseball To Win Games And More" - How To Give Every Player Of Your Baseball Team A Positive Experience.

Dear First-Time Youth Coach,

If you want to win more baseball games, provide a positive baseball experience, and even enjoy the coaching experience... then this is the most important book you'll read all year!

In this amazing new book from Youth Baseball Coaching Expert Randy Treeman we'll cover how to give every player of your baseball team a positive experience.

As a special bonus, we'll also reveal the real secret to getting every player to perform to his highest potential!

In fact, here's just a sample of the questions Coach Randy guides you through during this insightful new book:

  • Preparing for the season long before your first practice
  • Registering as a coach and what to expect for support
  • Obtaining trust from parents that you know what you're doing
  • Facilitating engaging and fun practices
  • Organizing your communications with parents
  • Getting your players to practice on-time and even early!
  • Guiding players through challenging game situations
  • Balancing your coaching time between beginning players and advanced
  • Uniting the team so they work together faster
  • Recruiting effective assistant coaches and helpers
  • Accelerating learning speed of your players
  • Guiding assistant coaches to make a positive impact
  • Sharing your baseball knowledge without being too dominating
  • Improving players' skills and quick thinking
  • Inspiring the team to be humble in wins and dignified in losses
  • Modeling good sportsmanship and behavior
  • Simplifying game rules
  • Instilling your team culture on practice day #1
  • Formalizing your practice routine for more focus and better results
  • Instructing individual players for better batting, throwing and catching
  • Providing safe playing field for all
  • Supporting players really wanting to learn and grow

... and much, MUCH More!

Now that's a tall promise and at this point you may be wondering...

Who Is Randy Treeman And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Randy Treeman is a 10-year youth baseball and girls softball coach. Most of his players have gone on to play in high school and his teams have won various Triple Corwn and USSSA tournament championships over the years.

But, what's really important are these facts:

  • Parents want their kids on Coach Randy's team the next season.
  • Coach Randy gets near perfect attendance from his players at practices and games.
  • Players want to be on Coach Randy's team next season.
  • Coach Randy teaches every player how to pitch even if not every player gets to pitch in a game that season.
  • Coach Randy can teach anyone how to hit a baseball in under five minutes
  • Coach Randy was a lousy baseball player as a kid and dropped the game in 6th grade.

So as you can see, Randy Treeman is uniquely qualified to help you understand everything you need to know about youth baseball coaching—not because of his own baseball skills as a player—but because of his ability to coach.

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