Best Seller Book Launch Begins with a Good Pre-Launch

Just like we only see the rockets taking off in the daytime on television, a successful launch requires tedious preparation and implementation hours and days (and nights and early mornings) before the actual launch.

The one essential thing you simply MUST do to become an Amazon Best Seller in 2017

Some people write books with one goal in mind in 2017: To gain the coveted title of "Best Seller." Others have no lofty expectation of sales and simply want to acquire the street credibility that comes along with having a book.

Many other reasons between those two extremes exist for writing a book.

One thing is for sure. You only get to Best Seller status on Amazon in this year of 2017 when you actually "sell" books. There is no way around it and no short cut.

You have to sell a LOT of books to get to Best Seller

And, those books need to be sold within a condensed amount of time, beginning with your official book launch day.

Unless you are a celebrity, where hundreds or thousands of blind sheep will gladly purchase your book upon your command, you are going to need to earn your way to ANY book sales, let alone Best Seller status.

To chronicle our progress, I'm writing this at about noon on official "Launch Day" for Joe Sabah's new book, How to Speak for fun and Profit.

It's not a Best Seller yet, but it IS selling and has 8 very high quality reviews.

As this screenshot shows, taken at about 6:30 this morning, the book was at #57 in one category and #71 in another.

How to Speak for Fun and Profit on the way to best seller

If I was a dishonest marketer, I might wait until our entire launch is over to show you how great we are by only showing the Best Seller results images and suggesting how "easy" it was and that "no work was required."

But, that's just not how we roll around here. Plus, neither of those statements are true. Getting to Best Seller is not easy or without effort.

It's not easy to implement a Best Seller plan, but it is Simple

I've been glued to my desk since 6:30 Sunday! It's now Tuesday afternoon...and, we're only getting started!

One glitch in the system is that Amazon is experiencing difficulties that are impacting parts of Kindle and Amazon functionality. In fact, there are many websites down within the same IP grid that Amazon shares Internet connectivity with.

There's proof that, even when you have the perfect launch sequence (if there is one), you have extenuating circumstances to deal with during your pre-launch and launch.

I would rather be up-front with you and show you that getting to that coveted Best Seller status is a "process" rather than a silver bullet. That way, your expectations will be much more accurate set for when it comes time for your own book launch.

Good Reviews Help with a Good Book Launch

Like I said earlier, unless you are a celebrity and hundreds of people will just go buy your book because you told them to, you will need other people giving good testimonials about your book if you ever want to get to Best Seller status.

Getting reviews requires a solid pre-launch plan. Our implementation of that plan began at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, 3 days before launch day today. By the end of Monday, we had attained #1 positions in two categories in the FREE Downloads area.

Allowing free downloads helps to get reviews for eventually becoming a best seller

I don't need to be specific as to exactly how many downloads our client received. But, let's just say, for every 50 or so downloads, one person provided a published review. By the end of the free period, we had six solid reviews.

The combination of the good reviews and the number of downloads within a short period of time, gave us the boost we needed to gain visibility in the free downloads area...which brought more free downloads.

It's been a successful launch so far

To summarize, I'm happy with how Joe Sabah's book pre-launch resulted. About 20 man-hours was spent on our end between Sunday morning and 9:00 pm Monday night. Then, the price was increased to $.99, which took effect sometime when I was sleeping.

At 6:30 a.m. Launch Day began.

But, the Launch Day results will need to be shared another day...because we don't know yet what those results are.

Join the Best Seller book launch process!

If you'd like to get more details as to the good, the bad, the ugly...and the beautiful on the way to Best Seller status for Joe Sabah's book, be sure to join our list where you will also get immediate access to my FREE whitepaper/mini-workbook titled, The Method in You. This is the process I go through with our author clients to help them define what they should write about in a book form.

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