Public Speaking Business Book is an Amazon Best Seller

Last night, at about 9:00 pm, we had the privilege of alerting our client, Joe Sabah, that his public speaking business book, How to Speak for Fun and Profit book on Amazon had achieved the title of Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories!!

We Attribute this Amazon Best Seller Status to Three Things

  1. A Dedicated Launch Team! Without a team of people working a common launch plan, there are just not enough hours in a day to accomplish all that needs to happen within a 3-day period.
  2. A Solid Launch Plan - The launch team needs something to do for those three days. You can't overwhelm your team with too many things to do or they won't get everything accomplished. But, you can't under supply them with launch tasks either, or they will find other priorities to focus on. The perfect best seller book pre-launch requires precision timing, teamwork and day-for-day planning starting about two weeks before launch day. If you can start earlier, that's great. But, start too late and you wind up having to consume your days with planning, preparation AND execution. And, that's a lot to expect from anyone. Lots of steps to go through there.
  3. A Book Topic that People are Hungry for OR an Author that Readers are Happy to Support - I lumped two items into one here, but, that's because Joe possessed both! He had an established group of followers that he's procured for many years so he had thousands of people ready and eager to support him when he needed their help. His topic is golden too. So many people want to enter the speaking industry and have no idea where to even begin.

When you have the perfect blend of all three of these components, you have all possibilities in alignment that you are going to have an Amazon Best Selling book in your hands.

More coming as the days go by during this exciting launch week.

If you have not yet secured your copy of the Amazon Best Seller, How to Speak for Fun and Profit, get it here and now as the price will be steadily increasing throughout the launch month.

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