51 Reasons to Avoid Fast Food

51 Reasons to Avoid the Fast Food Line and Cook Dinner at Home

You've had a long day at work and it's already 6:00 pm when you finally see your driveway. What will you serve for dinner? Do you have everything you'll need? Will the kids say, "NOOO! Not that again!"

You know the drill. You pull over to the side of the road and thing, "Do I pull-in to the driveway and find something in the kitchen cabinet for dinner, go to the store, or just pull into a fast-food restaurant and get this over with?"

My new friend, my bet is that fast food wins most of the time and I understand it because it happened that way with me too.

What I've learned is that long-term fast food is NOT the solution to feeding your family during a busy day or week.

Here are 51 Reasons to Avoid Fast Food

  1. Save money buying healthy food in raw form rather than marked up prices from a restaurant
  2. Incorporate greens and other vegetables into your diet easily.
  3. Stay in control of the ingredients that go into your meal
  4. Reduce packaging. plastic cutlery, and other waste that is generated every day by fast food restaurants.
  5. Eliminate all the excess preservatives, fat and sugar in fast food from your diet.
  6. Reclaim your heath by controlling your nutrition.
  7. Be proud of what you feed yourself and your family when you prepare a delicious healthy meal.
  8. Ignite your creativity to try new recipes and alter old favorites.
  9. Become more aware of what you are eating and feel better about the choices you make.
  10. Preserve the dying art of food preparation.
  11. Teach your kids how to take care of their own nutritional needs and stop relying on fast food.
  12. Save by buying less expensive raw materials rather than pricey restaurant charges.
  13. Expand your low calorie and healthy options over the few offered in fast food restaurants.
  14. Kids eat healthier when you cook at home.
  15. Experience greater flexibility by adjusting recipes to meet your family's nutritional needs.
  16. Manage your average daily calorie and fat requirements by cooking at home.
  17. Kids are more likely to try new foods at home - especially when they help prepare it.
  18. Fight the onset of high blood pressure, type II diabetes and obesity by staying away from fast food.
  19. Dinner at home provides your family a break from their chaotic lifestyle
  20. Healthier foods mean less medical expenses.
  21. Stay on budget with home cooking.
  22. Tackle other household chores while your meal is cooking.
  23. Finally have the opportunity to use all those fancy appliances sitting around your kitchen.
  24. Sneak healthy alternatives into your meals.
  25. Treat yourself to favorite foods that might be too pricey or not available in a fast food restaurant.
  26. Revise your family’s definition of a good nutritional dinner.
  27. Repair poor health conditions in yourself and your family with healthier food choices.
  28. There is more variety at home – you can BBQ, saute, stir fry and more.
  29. Reinforce good financial and nutritional habits.
  30. Regulate your finances by budgeting your weekly meals.
  31. Recruit help in the kitchen by getting you kids involved in the food preparation.
  32. Purchase staples in bulk and save even more money.
  33. Provide dinner with the nutritional bang that will help your family to succeed.
  34. Home cooked food tastes better than fast food alternatives.
  35. Master skills in the kitchen you never thought you would.
  36. Keep eating out a special treat rather than your nightly routine.
  37. Enjoy fun time with your family when you involve them in the meal preparation.
  38. Control portion size and save leftovers for another meal.
  39. Plan your meals in advance and avoid the “what’s for dinner” drama.
  40. Prevent cravings and over eating by including healthy filling ingredients in your home cooking.
  41. Consume roughly 50,000 less calories per year by cooking your meals at home.
  42. Increase your knowledge of food, vitamins, and nutritional benefits.
  43. Cook once, eat several meals.
  44. Discover a newfound appreciation for food by preparing it yourself.
  45. Avoid food poisoning by regulating how your food is stored and prepared.
  46. Avoid food allergens such as nuts and gluten.
  47. Reduce consumption of food contaminated by preservatives, chemical fertilizer, hormones or antibiotics.
  48. Customize the flavor of your meal to suit your tastes.
  49. Help you to reduce your meat consumption and increase fruit and veggies in your diet.
  50. Eliminate guessing games about what’s in the fast food you are eating.
  51. Relax and enjoy the evening at home with your family rather than driving through rush hour traffic to deliver dinner.
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