The Method in You: How to Define Your Topic, Develop Your Genuine Expert Method (GEM), and Get Your Book Started!

The Method in You is a whitepaper mini-manual by Marty Dickinson guiding you through how to define your book topic, developing your Genuine Expert Method (GEM) and getting your book started FREE Download. MS Word Doc available upon request for the visually impaired.

The Method in You is a 20-page whitepaper (or mini-manual) written by Marty Dickinson, co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley) and several self-published books including Lions Always Win: How to Spot What You Want and Get it Too!, Winning the Internet Dogfight and Getting Brutal with Google.

The Method in You Document Will Help You to:

  1. Define Your Book Topic - Marty has developed a way to help you come up with your perfect book topic in under 60 seconds. He demonstrated this method in a speech given to more than 100 Toastmasters at the District 26 Toastmasters Conference. In less than a minute, Marty helped roughly 90% of the people in the room to identify their perfect book topic. 
  2. Develop Your G.E.M. - After you have a book topic, you need to develop what Marty calls a Genuine Expert Method (G.E.M.). This is the 5-step process you have exclusively created to accomplish the objective described in your book topic. Marty gives you a 5-step process to create your very own five-step method. 
  3. Know Your Book's Purpose - Only after you've created your book topic and G.E.M. does it make sense to realize how a book might contribute to your overall purpose. Marty supplies you with reasons to write a book and when one should be the focus over the other. 
  4. Understand Current Book Publishing Methods - There are many ways to get your words into a book form. Marty describes the most current methods so that you are fully informed to decide the best fit for you for publishing. In this step, we also introduce you to how is different than any other publishing method available, and how we might be a good fit for each other. 
  5. Start Thinking About Promoting Your Book - The last objective in the book is to get you thinking about promoting and selling your book. Promotion of your book begins when you start "page 1."

The Method in You was created to help you find that reason to write; that message inside you that you've been wanting to get out to the world!

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