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Rich Dossan Umpire and Author

Rich Dossan enjoys all things baseball including playing the game, umpiring, and watching MLB and minor league baseball games. He pitched his first shut-out at age 12 during a state tournament and played at the AAA tournament level for two seasons before his career as a high school baseball player.

At age 15, Rich began umpiring for a local city community league where he was trained and mentored by one of the top umpire trainers in his state. By the following season, Rich began umpiring for more competitive leagues and tournaments.

Rich believes umpiring is the perfect job for teenagers (especially boys) who have experience playing baseball and have a love for the game. He wrote Summer and Weekend Jobs for Teens: How to Make Great Part-Time Money as a Youth Baseball Umpire to increase awareness among teenagers that there is an alternative to flipping burgers in restaurants or packing grocery bags to make money.

Rich Dossan Books Now Available on Amazon/Kindle:

  1. Summer and Weekend Jobs for Teens: How to Make Great Part-Time Money as a Youth Baseball Umpire

R50 Question: How old does someone have to be to umpire baseball?
Rich Dossan: I started at age 15 as a city employee but rules and laws could be different depending on what state you're living in.

R50 Question: What inspired you to become a youth baseball umpire?
Rich Dossan: I'm way too active to sit behind a computer or be cooped up in a building somewhere all summer. I wanted a job that was outside. What I didn't expect is that I can create my own schedule too! So, whenever I want to take off, I just make myself unavailable for umpiring games.

R50 Question: How much money can you really make as an umpire?
Rich Dossan: The average pay is between $30 and $50 per game. I will typically umpire four to five games on Saturday and then another four to five games on Sunday during tournaments. So, $400 in a weekend is normal.

R50 Question: What was one of your biggest challenges getting started with umpiring?
Rich Dossan: Getting used to hearing my own voice! It was really weird for me to hear myself yelling "Strike Three!" loud enough so that everyone could hear. You get used to it though. And, you develop your own style of voice too.

R50 Question: How has umpiring helped you for the future?
Rich Dossan: I'm much more confident with myself in any situation and seem to do a better job at meeting people for the first time than a few years ago. I don't get nervous making presentations in school anymore either.

R50 Question: What is the best congratulations you've ever received?
Rich Dossan: Umpiring is a pretty thankless job. If the players and coaches shake your hand or give you a fist pump at the end of the game, you know you did a good job.

In Summary

We are proud to feature Rich Dossan as one of our charter authors and we look forward to featuring additional off-shoot books from his original work in the coming months.

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