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Introducing: Randy Treeman (Author)

Coach Randy Treeman enjoys coaching baseball more than playing the game itself. The fact that he played baseball on a school team up until the 6th grade explains that reality all too well.

Coach Randy loved baseball when he was a kid and still does today. The problem was his coaches. They ignored Randy and focused on building the skills of their favorite players instead. Randy played only right field during games and rarely swung the bat.

In fact, his coaches would tell him to purposely NOT swing the bat in hopes that Randy would just get on base.

By 6th grade, he left the game bored and discouraged, never to pick up his glove again until he was a father of an 8-year-old boy that showed an interest in baseball.

"Would you teach me how to catch a baseball, daddy?" his son asked.

That was the start of what became a 10-year voluntary coaching career for both his son and softball-playing daughter.

We would like to introduce you now to Coach Randy Treeman as we asked him the following questions.

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R50 Question: Why did you decide to become a youth baseball coach?
Coach Randy: I really just wanted to assure my son had a positive experience with baseball. Initially, I have to admit I really wasn't thinking about all the other kids on the team having the same positive experience.

R50 Question: When did that interest broaden to include all the players?
Coach Randy: After the first practice. I realized pretty quickly that practices could be fun and I could use my people skills to bring the team together.

R50 Question: How did you become competent at baseball so that you could coach it?
Coach Randy: My son and I played through the winter before playing for a team in the spring. I had to learn all the mechanics of baseball right along with him so that I could teach the motions and positions to him. By the time baseball season came around, I was ready.

R50 Question: What was one of your biggest challenges getting started with youth baseball coaching?
Coach Randy: I was initially most concerned with the players discovering I wasn't a highly skilled accredited baseball player. I got over that hump just fine. What I was not expecting was how easily parents would prevent their kids from coming to practice! If they got a bad grade on a test, the penalty was always keeping the boy home from practice or even a game. It took me a while to figure out how to deal with that one for sure.

R50 Question: How has youth baseball coaching helped you as a parent?
Coach Randy: My son and daughter both love the game of baseball (and girls softball) and they both love to attend MLB and minor league baseball games with me...or even together as brother and sister without me, which is great to see them getting along so well on that level. Children don't really understand how smart their parents are and what they do in their day jobs. But, there is certainly an understanding and respect for a parent who's able to start out with a bunch of kids who mostly have never played baseball before and have a team by the end of the season that's a contender for the championship. That kind of respect goes along way.

R50 Question: What is the best congratulations you've ever received as a coach?
Coach Randy: Every season it's a tie. There is always that one player that just really didn't want to play baseball that season. Their parents got them involved through some sort of persuasion or bribe to give it a try. My favorite complement is when that boy tells me he can't wait for next season to start.

In Summary

We are proud to feature Coach Randy Treeman as one of our charter authors and we look forward to featuring additional off-shoot books from his original work in the coming months.

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