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Introducing: Marty Dickinson (Author)

Marty Dickinson web marketing author and business author

Marty Dickinson enjoys assembling sequences of steps and presenting those steps in written form for others to benefit from. He is a 20-year business owner and full-time web marketer. Marty's first self-published book was titled, Winning the Internet Dogfight (2004, out-of-print), which paved the way for his two-time co-authorship of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (Wiley).

If you enjoy learning step-by-step sequences for starting or expanding your business using the Internet, you'll love the guides written by Marty Dickinson.

Marty Dickinson Books Now Available on ProduceMyBook:

  1. Sell More...Faster: A Getting Started Manual for CloudNet360

R50 Question: If you're already a published author, why do you choose to self-publish more books?
Marty Dickinson: Speed. Traditional publishing companies can't possibly turnaround a book fast enough to keep up with Internet marketing and business trends. I tend to write a book over a few weeks and then update it every few months. Publishers don't allow that kind of currency.

R50 Question: Which writers inspire you to contribute to the world in a written form?
Marty Dickinson: I like writers that give you all the steps in a sequence instead of forcing you to pay more to get the missing links. The first writer I discovered this to be true was Perry Marshall and his book on using Google AdWords. I learned how instructional manuals should feature sequenced screen shots AND secrets of the trade to help the reader become successful. One without the other is a useless book.

R50 Question: What new concept is introduced in your books?
Marty Dickinson: Control has always been a big issue with me. I used to get calls all the time from business owners needing help to rescue their domain names or websites. All of my books are written to put the owner in control.

R50 Question: Give an example of how your own process has worked for you and be sure to describe which book has that process.
Marty Dickinson: I've used my own Getting Started manual for CloudNet360 for the past five years or more when helping others new to the system with consulting and training. Even the simplest software systems can seem complex if you do not have a sequence to follow for getting setup and functional in a short amount of time. I'm always referring to my own sequences of steps because I don't have enough brain cells to remember all of those details.

R50 Question: Describe any misconceptions about your books.
Marty Dickinson: The biggest misconception about any business book is that the author is attempting to push some get-rich-quick scheme on its readers. Readers tend to read web marketing books just waiting for that piece of advice that blows their cover. My books are simply training guides as if I'm sitting next to you walking you through operations step-by-step. Whether you choose to get-rich-quick or slow is completely up to the reader!

R50 Question: What is the best testimonial/review you've ever received?
Marty Dickinson: "I sold out all my seats of my conference and they had to move me to a larger room so I could sell more!" That came in after a reader used my C.O.N.V.E.R.T. M.E. sales copywriting formula. The only testimonials that matter to me are those that prove others have sold more...faster...because of my words.

R50 Question: For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hard back?
Marty Dickinson: I prefer paperback non-fiction books in printed form. That way, I can highlight important lines in the book and re-read a book in a matter of minutes by scanning through all of the highlighted areas.

R50 Question: What is your favorite motivational phrase?
Marty Dickinson: "100,000 visitors X $0 sales is still $0 sales."

R50 Question: Why is that phrase so important to you?
Marty Dickinson: You have to focus on your offer and converting website visitors to customers if you can ever expect to start or expand a business successfully using the Internet.

In Summary

We are proud to feature Marty Dickinson as one of our charter authors. Marty is finishing four books over the summer months so be sure to check in frequently for release announcements.

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