Introducing: Joe Sabah (Author)

Joe Sabah - Author of How to Speak for Fun and Profit

You can find the standard Joe Sabah author bio on Amazon and his website. But, then there is the Joe Sabah we've come to know since working with him on his new book, How to Speak for Fun and Profit.

First of all, if you are in the professional speaking business in Colorado, you know Joe Sabah. Period!

Not only did he co-found the Colorado Chapter of National Speakers Association, but was their very first president as well. In his spare time (tongue-in-cheek), he started the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA).

Joe was the first person to tell me these words: "Speakers speak!"

He always follows that up with: "They don't Twitter. They don't Facebook. They don't LinkedIn....They SPEAK!"

What does he mean by that exactly? He means that, if you want to become a paid professional speaker, you will need to get least once per week?

Our other favorite saying of Joe's is, "You don't have to be good to start but you have to start to be good."

Putting all of those quotes together simply means that you need to get speaking now. Don't wait. Joe's book will give you all the guidance you'll need to get started in the public speaking business. Plus, he'll even add a bit of thumb in your back to get you moving.

Follow Joe on Facebook or visit his main website. But, be sure to get a copy of Joe's new book,
How to Speak for Fun and Profit and get instruction from a living legend in the speaking business.

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