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Researching Non-Fiction Book Content

How to Research Non-Fiction Book Content On-Location My 19 year-old son is a history major in college with aspirations of attaining his Ph.D. and someday teaching at a major university. This summer, he wanted to start work on producing his second book. He has already produced one book about how to become a teenage baseball…

Get the Book Done

How to Get Your Speaker Client to Finally Write that Book...Without Typing a Word of the Manuscript If you are a coach for budding professional speakers, you know all too well how your clients would get more speaking gigs paying at higher rates (and their businesses would grow as well) if they could just get…

Essential Components of a Book Producer Contract

A book producer contract is different than any written agreement offered by traditional book publishing houses, vanity publishers or indie publishers. How is a Book Producer Different? First of all, a book producer does not publish books. A book producer produces books. A typical book producer works much like a movie producer by: Consulting on…

Writer’s Block Sucks but This is Worse

Writer's block is one of the unfortunate experiences in the writing process for new and established authors. But, writer's block is only one of many possibilities that will halt you in your tracks from getting your book done, if you let it. In fact, there is one underlying writing challenge all authors must overcome that…

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